OBD2 Code C0245: EBCM Control, ABS, and Valve Circuit Malfunction


The trouble codes of your vehicles come with many problems. If you identify them correctly, the issues can be solved quickly. The OBD II codes are helpful in recognizing all of a vehicle’s issues. There are several OBD II codes that are the definitions of uncountable problems with a car. An electronic brake control module is a part of a vehicle that performs the braking system properly. But, if the system loses control, it may cause uncomfortable driving or even an accident. So, it is essential to identify the problem with the OBD II scanner. If you get the C0245 code, you must take some action immediately.

Meaning of The C0245 Code

When a car has any problem with the system, it shows some signs. The signs reflect on the ABS light or engine light. But, the OBD II scanner is such a valuable piece of equipment for presenting the result of a specific problem.

The ABS is related to supplying voltage to selenoids, and EBCM applies to arouse each selenoid. The process starts to give a feedback circuit to the microprocessor. The feedback voltage depends on the solenoid when it is on or off. Suppose it remains off and the feedback voltage increases and remains high. On the other hand, the voltage becomes too low to turn on the solenoid.

Significant Root Causes of the C0245 Error Code

The OBD II shows every code for some problems. The OBD II scanning machine presents the numbers to identify the exact problem when any car instrument gets damaged. 


  • Wheel Speed Difference

Both wheels must have the same speed. But, when there is any problem with the wheels, their momentum becomes different. When the speed difference between the two wheels reaches 25%, the OBD II scanner displays the C0245 code. Apparently, the speed of a wheel must be the same as the other wheel.

  • Electronic Brake Control Module Issue

When the EBCM cannot work correctly, it becomes a significant issue for controlling the vehicle. EBCM has to interpret the sensor’s system. Then, it activates the work of ABS through the outline of the sensor. If the EBCM becomes problematic, the car will face problems controlling the vehicle through the braking system.Electronic Brake Control Module

  • The Poor Electrical Connection of EBCM Circuit

The EBCM cannot work efficiently without the proper connection. You will most likely come across a loose association of EBCM. It means the braking system also becomes weak. As a result, it has a harmful effect on the braking system and makes your driving risky.

  • Open or Shorted EBCM Harness

You have to ensure that the harness is at a suitable measurement. If the harness is too short, it can tear at any moment. Moreover, an open harness can not be ideal for controlling the ABS as it remains unable to hold the ABS. So, an open or short harness can cause the weakness of ABS. Therefore, it presents the C0245 on the OBD II scanner.

The Ways of Fixing The OBD II Code C0245 

The C0245 OBD II code is related to the EBCM, braking system, and ABS. If you diagnose it with your OBD II scanner and get C0245, you have to take the initiative to repair the EBCM. The module has a significant connection with ABS to control the vehicle. When EBCM is affected, the ABS is also affected and remains slow to work. Some ways of repairing the C0245 are given below.

  • Check the Possible Reasons

Without proper knowledge of its reason, it is not easy to fix the OBD II code C0245. Generally, the harness system, the speed difference between the two wheels, EBCM problems, etc., are the major causes of the issue.

  • Use the OBD II Scanner

Take an OBD II scanner to get the code of the problem. The scanner shows you a specific code according to your vehicle’s issue. The issues mentioned above, including harness, speed, and EBCM, are the components of the C0245. So, after finding the code, you have to start preparing to repair the parts of your car.using obd2 scanner

  • Go to an Expert

An expert with vast knowledge of cars and other vehicles can repair all the components of your vehicle. Additionally, he can give you some essential advice to maintain your vehicle smoothly and protect the other injuries. An expert is also necessary as he can solve more than one problem if your scanner shows more than one code.

How Can I identify the C0245 by observing the possible symptoms?

Two main symptoms present you with your car’s issues of C0245. If you notice the signs, you will understand that you can find the C0245 code when you do an OBD II scan.

  • ABS Light On

If the anti-lock braking system (ABS) light turns on, you will realize that there is an issue related to the wheels, EBCM, or ABS. For sure, you can take an OBD II scanner and check the problem. If the scanner presents you with the C0245 code, you may be sure that the braking systems are affected. The ABS light is the essential equipment to show the output of the C0245 code.

  • Engine Light On

A “Service Engine Soon” warning light in a vehicle warns you to repair the engine quickly. It warns you because it is a sign of any difficulty with the engine or braking system. When you get the warning, you must check your car with a scanner, and you may find the C0245 in the output. You have to repair the system quickly.


A vehicle can be problematic for a driver due to a broken or malfunctioning OBD system. So, every time the driver and the owner must be conscious of the car’s condition. Whenever any problem can be found, the owner has to check through the ODB scanner and take the vehicle to the repairer. Sincerity can provide a good driving experience and a good journey. It also ensures the long-lasting performance of your favorite car. After having the C0245 code, repairing the vehicle will give you better control of your car. So, try to check the ODB code and fix it after finding any problems.

Kevin Nicholas is an automotive technician who is a genius at software and hardware-related issues. He manually tested more than a hundred OBD scanners and gave his honest opinion on whether the device was worth the money or not. His in-depth OBD review articles help people choose the right product, whether it is a European, American, or Asian vehicle. He completed his Automotive Specialized Training Course at Universal Technical Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in the field.

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