Are you a driver, DIY enthusiast, start-up mechanic, or professional mechanic? Regardless of who you’re, having a wireless Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is very convenient as it allows you to diagnose your car anywhere. Of course, having quality and advanced scanners is excellent, but having a portable and compact scan tool that you can travel with or keep anywhere is exceptional. That’s what you get when you buy either the BlueDriver or FIXD OBD2 Bluetooth scanners. Both of these automotive diagnostic scanners have their advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, a lot of interested buyers find it hard to choose between them. But with this comparison article, you will easily make up your mind.

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Comparison Chart 2023: Fixd vs. Bluedriver

Features Bluedriver FIXD
Multilingual Menu: Yes (Total 6 languages) Only English
Operating System (OS): Android and IOS iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
Verified: ASE Certified Mechanics ASE certified mechanics
Tire Pressure Monitoring System: No Yes
Mileage Detection: No Yes
Read & Clear ABS, Airbag & Transmission code: Yes Yes
Freeze Frame Data: Yes Yes
Car Monitor System: No Yes
Smog Test: Yes No
Connect Via Bluetooth: Yes Yes
Weight: 2.08 ounces 0.96 ounces
Free app updates: Yes NOT on Windows-based devices
Functions: More advanced only limited to gas-powered cars
Price: BlueDriver VS FIXDCheck Price FIXD VS BlueDriverCheck Price


Summary of Contents

Bluedriver VS Fixd Bluetooth Scanner Review 2023

We’ve highlighted all the features, pros, cons, similarities, and differences you need to know when selecting. Both of the reliable OBD2 scanners are amazing, but it will depend on your preference and budget. Let’s find out which scan tool is best suited for your needs.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool

The BlueDriver is one of the best Bluetooth OBDII scan tools on the market. This device will always provide the right fix, and it has a database of millions of repairs. Therefore, you will no longer guess what the code means but will have the proper repairs made.
BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan ToolCheck Price
The scan tool diagnoses some of the significant car systems, such as ABS, TPMS, Airbags, ABS, and much more. On top of that, the user will view live data, freeze frame data, do smog checks, import vehicle information, and much more. You can also utilize this scanner to read and clear fault codes.

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The tool is easy to use as you only have to download the BlueDriver App, insert the BlueDriver sensor into the OBD2, and get started. However, it works on only Android & iOS devices. You can use 80+ OBD2-compliant 1996 and newer vehicles.

Pros we found:

Limited Cons:

FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan Tool

FIXD is another popular Bluetooth diagnostic scanner. This gadget also comes with a FIXD dongle and an app that you’ve to link up to start using it. Unlike the BlueDriver scanner, the Bluetooth connection is not very stable, and you have to be close to carrying out a diagnosis. The advantage of utilizing this tool is that it is cheaper but still performs several functions.
FIXD OBD2 Professional Bluetooth Scan ToolCheck Price
What’s more, the FIXD can help you to read and erase error codes, view live data, freeze frame data, and even proactive vehicle maintenance reminders. It is a plug-and-play diagnostic scan tool, meaning even a start or car enthusiast can use it. It also comes with more than 10,000 DTCs, meaning you will have answers to most of your error codes. Besides, you will visit the mechanic knowing the cost of your fixes.

The only challenge is that this device works with gas-powered OBD2-compliant vehicles made in 1996 and later. So if your car is OBD1 supported, you can use Innova 3120 diagnostics tool. On the other hand, if you have a diesel car, forget about this scanner.

Features we like:

Some Setbacks:

Similarities between the BlueDriver & FIXD Bluetooth scanners

Ease of use

Both of these Bluetooth scan tools are easy to use. Also, both can show Freeze Frame Data that the Bafx Bluetooth OBDII device doesn’t show. This is because they feature a diagnostic dongle and an app for running the diagnostics. Also, they work effortlessly. Put the diagnostic dongle into the OBDII port, download the app on your Android or iOS device, and link them with the dongle. You can now go ahead and diagnose all the error codes on your car. That’s how comfortable these two scanners are to operate. 

Compact and portable

Apart from being easy to operate, the BlueDriver and FIXD diagnostic scan tools are compactly constructed for ease of use and storage. You can keep these scan tools in your pocket, backpack, or even in the vehicle’s compartment. They are lightweight, meaning that you won’t be burdened like carrying the bigger and heavier traditional scan tools.


Both of these scanners are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you can download your app on an Android or iOS phone or tablet and start to diagnose error codes. Unfortunately, both automotive scanners won’t work on windows, mac, or Linux operating systems. The OBDLINK MX+ tool is ideal for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Differences Between the BlueDriver & FIXD Bluetooth Scanners

Vehicle coverage

Even though both devices offer extensive vehicle coverage, one device covers more vehicles than the other, and the BlueDriver diagnostic scanner provides comprehensive vehicle coverage to users. This gadget works with all OBDII-compliant vehicles manufactured from 1996 or newer. This device’s notable cars are Toyota, GM, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes, Honda, Subaru, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and much more.

On the contrary, the FIXD Bluetooth scanner works only on gas-powered OBD2-compliant vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. These include Ford, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Nissan, and much more. Thus, in terms of coverage, BlueDriver has the edge over FIXD.

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In terms of functions, the BlueDriver scan tool has a slight edge over the FIXD Bluetooth scanner. Thanks to its extensive coverage of functions such as mode 6 and live data. It also performs freeze frame data, smog checks, read/clear fault codes, ABS, TPMS, and much more.

While the FIXD scanner reads/clears the check engine light, displays live data, freezes frame data, reads enhanced codes, and keeps track of past codes.


Since these two scanners use a wireless connection, it is crucial to have a reliably connected device. Poor connection means delayed diagnosis. When it comes to a stable Bluetooth connection, the BlueDriver carries the day. Unlike the FIXD OBD2 code reader that lacks a stable connection, the BlueDriver device allows users to carry out the test and quickly diagnose their cars quickly.


The FIXD scan tool is relatively cheaper compared to the BlueDriver and Autel Maxisys MS906 diagnostic tools. This is understandable as the FIXD scanner performs fewer functions than the BlueDriver scan tool. On top of that, it provides broader coverage, which is understandable.

Who should buy – BlueDriver or FIXD Bluetooth scanners?

Users looking for an advanced and reliable wireless scanner should consider getting the BlueDriver scan tool. Also, it is ideal for professional mechanics as it comes with more features. On the other hand, the FIXD scan tool is perfect for those looking for an affordable but versatile Bluetooth scanner. It is also convenient as it connects multiple vehicles at once.

Best Alternative- BAFX Products 34t5

Supports: 1996 or newer vehicles
Check Engine Codes: Yes
Reset CEL: Yes
Bluetooth: Latest 5.0 Version
Price: Low
Operating System: Both Android & Windows
Reset ECU and brake warning light: Yes
Warranty: 2 Years
Dimensions: 2.8 x 1.5 x 1 inches
Weight: 3.2 ounces
Data logging: Yes
Smog Test: Yes
Map-based tracking: Yes

Final Thought

In the end, it depends on your needs and budget. If you want a more professional OBD2 scan tool, the BlueDriver scanner is the best option. But if you want a device that you can link up with several vehicles, go with the FIXD scan tool.

However, it is vital to note that both scanners do not work with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. You can use the  OBDLink LX wireless Bluetooth scan tool for Windows operating systems. Overall, your final choice will be determined by what you want to diagnose, the type of vehicles you have, and the price of the tools. Make the right choice! I hope that this BlueDriver VS FIXD comparison review article has given you a clear idea about these two Bluetooth scanners.

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