Torin Jack Stands Review: T42002A, T43002, T43006 & T46002A Reviews

When it comes to vehicle jack stands, it’s hard to research without coming across on the Torin brand. This is a notable brand and it’s known for its exceptional support and stability when supporting a load. Usually, Torin offers quality floor jacks as well as jack stands that have been accepted all over the world. In this Torin jack stands review, we are going to look at some of the top Torin big red jack stands on the market.

4 Best Torin jack stands review 2019

Here is the top rated Torin jack stands list:

Torin Big Red T42002A double locking steel jack stands (Our Top Pick)

The Torin bug red T4200A car jack stand is a powerful tool that offers motorists the much needed support as they work under their car. It has the ability to lift a 2 ton capacity load and is safe to use with the quick adjustment mechanism that securely locks it into the desired position. These and features like saddle column makes the torin big red T42002A to be a wonderful vehicle stand.
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  • Double locking steel jack stands
  • Ductile iron rack
  • Solid steel handle
  • Large feet area
  • Self locking ratchet
  • Large saddle
  • 2 ton capacity


  • It is durably made to offer strength and stability
  • Torin T4200A has a large feet area to resist sinking
  • It has quick adjustment fast adjustment mechanism that securely locks it into the desired location.
  • The patented design stands come with a four legged steel base for extra strength.

Torin Big Red T43002 Steel Jack Stands

This car jack stand is ideal for most usual cars as it cannot be used on large trucks that weigh more than 3 tons. It matches with the ASME PASE safety standards and thus it’s safe to use for supporting your load after lifting it with a service jack. It is made of steel metal which is makes it to be durable with a tooth design that offers stability.
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  • 3 ton capacity
  • Heavy duty steel jack stands
  • Lift range of between 11.22 – 16.7 inches
  • Tooth design
  • Meets ASME PASE safety standards
  • Double locking pawl


  • They are sturdily constructed with steel material
  • They meet the ASME PASE safety standards thus can be relied on to provide support
  • The tooth design offers stability and strength
  • It has an excellent lift range of 11.22 to 16.7 inches
  • They have a secure locking mechanism to provide safety to the person working below the car

Torin Big Red T43006 Steel SUV jack stands

If you are looking for a safe vehicle stand, then this is a wonderful tool to have. It offer you the much needed strength and support with its large saddle and base. Also, it has a double locking pawl and tooth design for extra safety. With its steel construction, you can rely on this jack stand for a long time and as long as you lift loads with not more than 6000 pounds.
Torin Big Red Steel SUV jack standsCheck Price


  • Large saddle
  • Heavy duty steel body
  • 3 ton capacity
  • ANSI certified
  • Double locking pawl and tooth design
  • Lift range of 14 inches to 20.5 inches


  • It is sturdily built for longevity with its steel construction
  • Torin T43006 meets the ANSI requirements and also matches industry standard for safety
  • It has a large saddle and base for additional safety
  • Has a good lifting range of between 14 to 20.5 inches which is ideal for working below the car.

Torin Big Red T46002A double locking steel jack stands

If you want a heavy duty Torin jack for large trailers and tractors, this is the best jack stand for the job. It will offer you with the support that you need as it has the ability to lift up to 6 tons. It comes with several features that meets safety standards and allow it to offer the much required strength. Its high steel construction makes it to be very durable and it is among the most recommended brand on the market.
double locking steel jack standsCheck Price


  • Matches ASME PALD standards
  • High grade steel construction
  • Large saddle surface area
  • Patented double lock technology
  • Safety pin design
  • 6 ton capacity
  • Single piece self locking multi-position


  • It has a large saddle surface area that provides better contact with the being offered support
  • Torin T46002A is strongly constructed with steel metal base for durability and strength
  • It is safe to use as it has a patented double lock technology with safety pin design
  • For accurate adjustments, it comes with a single piece self locking multi position forged iron ratchet bar.
  • It can carry heavy loads with a maximum capacity of 6 tons

Torin jack stands are one of the best as they are usually characterized with quality construction and meet international quality standards such as ASME PALD and ANSI. Pick from the above four if you want a stable and very supportive jack stand from one of the best brands.


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