Konnwei KW808 Reviews 2019: OBDII/EOBD code reader & auto scanner

Konnwei KW808 diagnostic scan tool is a reliable and accurate diagnostic code reader. It is affordable but still performs functions of top range scan tools. It has a large screen that makes the reading of error codes to be easy and quick. This scanner supports all 9 OBDII test modes on all OBD2, EOBD, and CAN compliant vehicles. It covers vehicles manufactured from 1996 and current such as Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, etc.

You can utilize it to detect pending codes, retrieve vehicle information, read live pcm data stream, display monitor and I/M readiness status, and many other functions. Read this Konnwei KW808 Reviews to know more about this scan tool.

Technical specifications of the Konnwei KW808 obd2 scanner:


Konnwei KW808

Works: ALL 1996 and later vehicles
Display: DTC definitions on unit screen
Check Engine Light(MIL): Yes, Easily determines the cause
o2 sensor test data: Yes
Reads live pcm DataStream: Yes
Identifies pending codes: Yes
Playbacks Live Sensor Data: Yes
Reads, stores Data: Yes
Playbacks live sensor data: Yes
Clears codes & resets monitors: Yes
Graphs data c (1996 and newer): Yes
Retrieves vehicle information: VIN, CIN and CVN
Views freeze frame data: Yes
Prints data via PC: Yes
Reads live PCM datastream: Yes
Software Update: Free Update via Internet
Prints data via pc: Yes
Get transmission codes: Yes
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Konnwei KW808 Reviews (video):

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The Konnwei KW808 can be upgraded via the internet and it supports CAN and has memory/battery for backup or off-vehicle information. This is definitely an amazing scanner for both mechanics and DIYers to diagnose the toughest error codes on your vehicle. You can also take a look at Ancel AD310 Universal OBD II Scanner which price almost same of Konnwei KW808.

Features of the Konnwei KW808 scan tool

  • Built-in OBD2 dtc lookup library
  • Supports all OBD2 test modes
  • Compatible with numerous vehicles
  • Reads live pcm datastream
  • OBDII protocols
  • Memory/battery backup
  • Shows dtc definitions on unit screen
  • Displays live O2 sensor test data
  • Performs modules present test
  • Displays monitor and I/M readiness status
  • Detects pending codes
  • Reads, stores, and playbacks live sensor data
  • Retrieves vehicle information
  • Software upgradeable through the internet
  • Covers 1996 vehicles and newer models
  • Carry case

Benefits of the Konnwei KW808 diagnostic code reader

Sturdy construction

Konnwei KW808 is a sturdily constructed scan tool. It is made from a durable plastic casing which can resist tough conditions that the mechanic or technicians work in. This makes it be a durable device and can be utilized for a very long period of time by the user. In addition, it has a carry case for easy transportation and storage.

Easy to use device

If a scan tool is complicated or has a wide range of features, it might be difficult to use. This is not the case with the Konnwei KW808 diagnostic scanner. This is because it has an easy to use interface and a large easy to read backlit LCD screen. Hence, you will be able to clearly read and clear codes.

Software upgradeable

One of the features that mechanics look for in a scan tool is if it is upgradeable or not. A good scan tool should be updateable so that it can be used to scan the latest car models. Konnwei KW808 diagnostic scanner can be upgraded via the internet. All you need is to connect it to a PC by use of the USB cable and upgrade the software.
konnwei kw808 obd2 scannerCheck Price

Performs a wide range of functions

As simple and sleek as the Konnwei KW808 car scan tool appears to be, it is able to perform a wide range of functions. This means it can be utilized by both DIYers and professional mechanics. Here are some of the functions that it performs on different cars; it views freeze frame data, displays O2 sensor test data, displays DTC definitions, carries out modules present test, retrieves vehicle information, displays monitor and I/M readiness status, and many other functions.

Battery/memory backup

In case your car engine runs out of power or if it is switched off, you can always proceed to scan error codes and clear them, too. The Konnwei KW808 diagnostic scanner comes with a backup battery that can power on the scan tool even when the car is off.

Compact and portable device

The Konnwei KW808 device comes with a carry case for keeping it and for easy transportation. You can keep the USB cable, OBD2 port inside the bag. This will ensure the safety of the scan tool.

Wide vehicle coverage

This code reader model from Konnwei covers different car makes and models manufactured from 1996 and newer. Some of these vehicles include Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Honda, and other Asian and European 1996 and current vehicles.

Setbacks of the Konnwei KW808 scan tool

  • The scan tool is made up of a low-quality display that sometimes doesn’t display the information well or it becomes white.
  • It is not compatible with all the vehicles that it says it is. Make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle before buying.
  • The scan tool doesn’t read ABS airbag or SRS codes. Also, it doesn’t tell you how to fix the fault codes which is a big issue.

Bottom line
At such an affordable price, you will get to read and erase different fault codes on your car. Furthermore, the Konnwei KW808 scan tool is very easy to use with simple to comprehend interface and large TFT backlit screen. The scan tool is upgradeable over the internet and covers vehicles manufactured from 1996 and newer. Get to perform various functions like displaying live O2 sensor test data, views freeze frame data, retrieve vehicles data, and many other functions. Comment below if you have any question after reading this Konnwei KW808 reviews.

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  1. Purchased today,read instruction manual,which had at least 4 spelling errors.Hope that no more important information errors.looking forward to using this unit. Thanks.

  2. kw808 can not be up dated and can not print there is no usb port on here

  3. absolute piece of crap, avoid at all costs, tried on three different cars, Mercedes e 320cdi, jaguar xk8 and Vauxhall astra 1.4 turbo, showed one code on all of them on first screen but none further on in current codes. none of the other functions worked on any of the cars even though listed as been able to connect.

    • Konnwei KW808 don’t mention clearly which brand/model actually this scanner support. I tested this tool my Ford R7 and Jaguar XE. It worked on Ford R7 but didn’t work Jaguar XE. I have mentioned this in my article setback area. However, I didn’t expect much from a $40 scanner. I will suggest, check this article scanners list https://theeffectiveguide.com/best-obd2-scanner/ and buy one of them. I didn’t get negative feedback from those scanners.

  4. Is there anybody who could help me how to start new Diagnostics on my KW808 scan tester? Every time I want to start new Diagnostics in Main Menu the following window will appear saying “Erase previously stored data to save data from this test?” If I ENTER YES shortly after will appear System Status for a very short period of time and after that, it jumps to Diagnostic Menu on the first item Read Codes. In other words if I enter yes, the previously stored data will do be erased and it makes me impossible to continue further with the test. Once again, how to erase all data before starting performing so that it allows me to perform a new diagnostic test. Thanks

  5. I bought a KW808 and can’t get it to read live data on my 2002 Kia Rio. Any ideas. Can it be upgraded on internet? All inputs will be appreciated. Mike

    • Yes, you can update via Internet.

  6. how do you upgrade konwei kw808 over internetbif it does not have usb support?


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