If you are a motorist or if you own a vehicle, then you’ve probably considered owning a car jack. When it comes to car jacks, the two most common car jacks to look at are the floor jack and scissor jack.

So, before you go out shopping for a car jack, you should know a few things about the car jack that you are about to pick and make an informed judgment. But before that, which is the best car jack to choose between, the floor jack VS scissor jack? Let’s checkout.

Comparison Table: Floor Jack VS Scissor Jack


Floor Jack

Scissor Jack

Operation: operates by being wheeled below the vehicle placed under the spot, you want to lift
Maintenance: has to be checked more consistently very minimal
Durability: used under a heavy load cannot hold a lot of weight
Design: one type of hydraulic jack feature diagonal metal parts
Function: major repair and maintenance tasks usually stored in the car’s trunk
Storage: Larger easier to keep
Portable: No Yes

Summary of Contents

Here are some of their similarities and differences:


If you are looking for a durable car jack, then you should consider getting a floor jack. This is because the scissor jack cannot hold a lot of weight. Additionally, the scissor jack wears out faster, and its diamond-shaped design is prone to failure when used under a heavy load. So, if you own a car garage or auto repair shop, you need a car jack that can handle all weight and raise vehicles very high. A floor jack such as Pro Lift will be the ideal jack in such a scenario.


The second thing to look at is the design of the car jack. Scissor jacks feature diagonal metal parts connected together by hinges and screws to form a diamond shape. These jacks can be utilized in most vehicles except for those that need high clearance, such as trucks.

On the other hand, a floor jack is one type of hydraulic jack. Hydraulic jacks like Torin make use of small and large pistons. In order to get the job done, the small piston makes a pushing motion to deliver force to the large piston. The force then becomes greater via the use of hydraulic fluid.

Floor jacks usually have a long handle, which is utilized to operate the hydraulic lift pad and a low ground unit with four wheels.

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Scissor jacks are very portable and can be easily carried in your car trunk. On the other hand, floor jacks are portable in the workplace as they come with wheels which makes moving them around the garage to be easy. So, both of these car jacks are portable in their own way.


Before buying a floor jack or scissor jack, you need to know what or how you’re going to use it. Scissor jacks are usually stored in the car’s trunk and removed in case of an emergency. For example, if you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, a scissor jack will come to your rescue.

If you have major repair and maintenance tasks to perform, then you should acquire a floor jack. But if you need a jack for lifting your Motorcycle, then a Harbor Freight lifting jack would be an ideal choice. Even though it is bigger than a scissor jack, you can easily move it around without any issue.


Using the scissor jack is easier than using a floor jack. This is because a scissor jack is placed under the spot you want to lift. Thereafter, you can turn the screw using a handle to lift or lower the vehicle. At the same time, a floor jack operates by being wheeled below the vehicle first. Then, you pump the attached handle connected to the socket. When the lift comes in contact with the vehicle’s undercarriage, you will be able to raise it slowly. To lower the car, you only have to turn the pressure relief valve.


Since a scissor jack has a mechanical nature, it needs physical effort to start a lifting motion. But if you don’t want to apply effort, there are electric scissor jacks for you to purchase. The scissor jack can fit under most vehicles, but it has a maximum height lift of 15 to 3 inches.

The Powerzone floor jack doesn’t need a lot of physical effort as its hydraulic system enables the operator to raise the vehicle with less pressure. So, it is easier and faster to operate than the scissor jack.


When it comes to maintenance, the scissor jack requires very minimal maintenance when compared to floor jacks. All you need to do is simply grease the screw. On the other hand, the floor jack has to be checked more consistently. This is because of the presence of the hydraulic. Additionally, you need to heck leaks and bleed the hydraulic jack.


Floor jacks are more versatile than scissor jacks as they can be used to lift different types of vehicles. Scissor jacks are only suitable for changing tires, while floor jacks can be used for a wide range of uses.


Scissor jacks are easier to operate than floor jacks and bottle jacks. This is because scissor jacks are lighter and smaller in size and thus very easy to transport.

Which is better? Scissor Jack or Floor Jack?

There isn’t much to compare between these two car jacks as it all depends on how you are going to utilize the car jack. If it’s the speed you’re looking for because you work in a garage, then you should consider getting a three-ton Arcan floor jack. But if you want a portable jack to keep in your car all the time and for use during emergencies, then the scissor jack is the best tool to get. So, make a good choice depending on your needs.

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