WIX Oil Filter Review 2018 | How good are Wix Filters to buy?

If you own a car, you definitely know that it is not easy to maintain. A car needs to be well maintained so that it can run smoothly and without any hurdle. This includes the steering wheel, engine, tires, brakes pads and oil filters, to just name some few parts. When inspecting your car, always ensure that it has a functional and high performing oil filter that is able to get rid of contaminants in the oil before you start the engine. A highly performing oil filter will ensure that the car runs smoothly and pure oil flows when the engine is started. Read wix oil filter review and identify why it is one of the best oil filter brand.

WIX Oil Filter Top Two Comparison Table

ImageNameProduct DimensionsItem Weight
WIX Filters - 51396 Spin-On Lube FilterCheck Price(Editor’s Choice)
WIX Filters - 51396 Spin-On Lube Filter
Read Review
20.7 x 13.8 x 7.3 inches 8 ounces
WIX Filters - 57526 Cartridge Lube Metal FreeCheck PriceWIX Filters - 57526 Cartridge Lube Metal Free
Read Review
2.6 x 2.6 x 6.8 inches 2.4 ounces
Since there are different types of oil filters on the market, it is important to select the best. Although all oil filters are created to carry out the same task, they differ in performance. Some get clogged quickly while others don’t filter the dirt very well. Among the oil filters the WIX is the best brand.

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Here is the video review of the Wix oil filters:

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This oil filter is widely used around the world and is known for its excellent features to excellently remove contaminants from the motor oil. Other top rated brand filters are Bosch, Mobil 1 and Fram oil filter.

Characteristics of WIX oil filters

There are various features that distinguish WIX engine oil filters from other brands. These features make the WIX oil filters to be highly effective in performance. They include:

  • Durability

One of the distinct features of WIX engine oil filters is that they are durably made to last long. This is an aspect that many motorists look at as no driver wants an oil filter that will need to be changed after covering some few miles. WIX oil filters are built with the best materials that serve users for long. They can sustain even in heavy use.

  • Great filtration

The most vital duty of any oil filter is to get rid of contaminants. As dirt and other substances in the oil crash against parts, they lead to excessive wear. Therefore, if the engine oil filter is not effective enough to get rid of these contaminants, you will be required to change your oil filter after a short while. WIX oil filters have some of the best oil filtration properties as they use NAPA gold filters which are of a high quality.

  • Price

One of the factors that discourage motorists to have some of the best oil filters is their cost. Most of the top brands are highly priced and not all motorists can afford them. WIX oil filter is among the best car oil filters, but at the same time is offered at an affordable cost. This makes it to be a favorite among many motorists.

  • Easily available

Another crucial aspect to consider when buying a vehicle oil filter is its availability. Most of these can easily be found on Amazon, Wal-Mart and other online stores. WIX oil filter is one of the easily available oil filters as it can be found almost anywhere.

  • Versatility

Not every oil filter on the market can be used on various cars. But if you are a driver searching for a standard oil filter, then the WIX engine oil filter is an ideal choice.

It is effective and can excellently function on different types of vehicles.

Top 2 Wix oil filter review

WIX oil filters have been in use for many years. They create quality oil filters that last long and outstandingly get rid of contaminants in the oil. In addition, they are the creators of the NAPA Silver and Gold-level filters. These filters are known to be of great quality. In this review and guide, we are going to discuss more about the WIX oil filters.

WIX Filters – 51356 Spin-On Lube Filter, Pack of 1(Our Top Pick)

WIX is a famous brand widely used by motorists around the world. This model is one of the best from WIX due to its properties. The Pack of 1 is durably constructed to defy extreme conditions. It has a gasket, inner element tube and a center tube.

Also, the engine oil filter has a high dirt-holding capacity that traps most of the dirt. In addition, it is highly reliable and effective in performance. The pleated paper that the filter has separated out different types of suspended materials. This filter can as well be installed with much ease and can be maintained easily. It functions effectively by protecting the engine from premature wear by removing contaminants in the engine lubricating system.
WIX Filters 51356 Spin-On LubeCheck Price

Main features:

  • Durable construction
  • Gasket
  • Low air flow restriction
  • Center tube
  • Huge dirt holding capacity
  • Inner element tube
  • Pleated paper


  • They are durably made to last longer and withstand heavy duty use
  • They have a pleated paper that filter several forms of suspended materials
  • It protects the engine from premature wear by getting rid of contaminants inside the engine lubricating system.
  • Installation of this device is easy and quick
  • Maintaining this car oil filter is easy

WIX Filters – 57526 Cartridge Lube Metal Free, Pack of 1

If you are looking for a heavy duty engine oil filter, then this WIX model is one of them. It is durably constructed for longevity. The filter comes with a glass enhanced media that better every filter’s ability to trap and hold engine damaging dirt.
In addition, it has a high dirt holding capacity that prevents the engine from wear. The canister type oil filter has a strong and full metal base that prevents leaks. Setting up this filter is simple and it comes with a warranty on labor and parts. Its versatility in use makes it to be used by many motorists.
57526 Cartridge Lube Metal Free filtersCheck Price

Main features:

  • Full metal base plates
  • Glass enhanced media
  • Durable construction
  • Lube
  • Cartridge
  • Low oil flow restriction
  • High dirt holding capacity


  • The oil filter is very easy to install
  • It is made up of high quality materials
  • It excellently gets rid of dirt from motor oil
  • Wix filter 57526 has full metal base plates to prevent leaks
  • The glass enhanced media improve every filters power to trap and hold engine damaging dirt
  • The Manufacturer offers warranty on parts and labor

Reviews on Online Store
Most of the users of the WIX car oil filter have highly recommended this brand. A good number of them say that it is easily available, favorably priced and does a great job in getting rid of contaminants in the motor oil. Also, they have a large filtering area which ensures great filtration. Since it has been in the industry for long, the manufacturers can be relied on with their excellent services. Acquire a WIX oil filter today if you want a smooth running engine that lasts longer and performs better.

WIX is a top brand with some of the best features. It is challenging to have an oil filter that can act as a standard replacement for different types of vehicles. In addition, it is durably made and filters well your oil in order to get rid of contaminants. If you’ve been using other types of engine oil filters and have found them to be less satisfying, then WIX oil filters are really hard to disappoint. They use the NAPA Gold filter which is a top quality and can be applied even in heavy use.

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