When To Use Fuel Injector Cleaner? Really It works? Worth it to buy?


Maintaining a car is no easy thing as various parts should be taken care of. Sometimes, the little parts that we ignore are the ones that cause major problems. For instance, fuel injectors. A dirty fuel injector is a common issue for most of the cars today. This is because most of the cars on the road are equipped with fuel injection systems that distribute fuel to the engine through electronically controlled fuel injectors. Thus, you need a fuel injector cleaner to clean injector. Then, you should know how to clean fuel injectors. After that, you need to know when to use fuel Injector Cleaner?

How often should I use fuel injector cleaner?

The majority of fuel injectors are created to spray in a very fine and particular pattern that is crucial to the proper functioning of the engine. After a certain period of use, the nozzle that sprays the fuel may become dirty as a result of deposits found in the engine’s fuel. In case the fuel injector becomes extremely dirty or even clogged, it will no longer distribute fuel well. This will later negatively affect the engine’s performance and may lead to carbon emission issues.

So, when you realize that your car has decreased in engine power & miles per gallon, rough idle and personal cylinder misfires, then your fuel injector might be dirty and needs to be cleaned. At this juncture, you will need a fuel injector cleaner to clean the fuel injector for effective and smooth performance of your car.

The dirt found in fuel injectors is usually from the fuel. Although manufacturers say that their fuel is pure, this is not true. Most of today’s fuel contains contaminants and other by-products of combustion, carbon and other dangerous deposits can form. When you have a dirty fuel injector, this may not be realized right away until you drive more than 5,000 kilometers.

To clean your fuel injector system effectively, you will need to acquire a quality fuel injection cleaner. There are various brands with different kinds of products. The cleaner that you buy should be able excellently clean stubborn carbon, and contaminants from the fuel system, injectors and valves. In addition, it should restore horsepower and reliability. The moment it is cleaned, the fuel injector cleaner should protect the tank and other parts inside the injector for several miles.

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So, if you’ve been asking yourself when the right time to clean your fuel injector is, hope you’ve been educated and will be able to clean it at the appropriate time. When you have trouble starting your car, note poor acceleration, rough idling or even abnormal exhaust emissions, then, just know that’s it’s time to make use of a fuel injector cleaner.


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