Texting While Driving a Deadly Decision: Honk if You Love Jesus, Text if You Want to Meet Him

It seems the entire country has become addicted to texting on cell phones and PDA’s. The title of this article was taken from a popular bumper sticker seen today. The cell phone and texting problem is so prevalent and widespread that organizations both public and private are taking the lead and instituting restrictions and all out bans on cell phone use and texting in particular. The National Safety Council reports that several hundred companies have placed a ban on cell phone use while driving. According to the New York Times, even President Barack Obama has banned texting while driving for all federal employees. Texting while driving is clearly a growing problem that needs to be addressed now.

People Know Better, but Text While Driving Anyway

Because folks are human, they tend to do things sometimes without thinking. Carefully consider the act of maneuvering a three-thousand pound hunk of steel at any speed in traffic and looking away from the road for even a moment. Does this make sense to anyone? Yet that is exactly what some people are doing when they send or receive text messages while driving.

According to the aforementioned report by the National Safety Council, of the 1.6 million car crashes caused last year by cell phone use, a minimum of 200,000 accidents were caused by drivers while texting. The NSC has called for a complete ban on all cell phone use and texting while driving.

Passing Laws Against Texting Gives the Government More Control

A good number of folks are against the idea of any more government regulation. Some feel this to be invasive on personal liberty and moving the country toward socialism. That’s a good point. Laws are not likely to stop people from doing stupid things like texting while driving. Besides, there aren’t enough law enforcement personnel now.

More regulation is not the answer, personal responsibility is the answer. People in this country are obsessed with freedom at any cost, even if that means freedom at the expense of someone’s life. It is high time for common sense to make a comeback in this country.

Would DMV Pass Driver While Texting?

As crazy as that sounds, it could possibly happen unless people begin to take this problem seriously and personally. Ask any parent, friend, or relative of someone who was killed due to another driver texting while operating a motor vehicle and you’re likely going to see someone who is passionately, even aggressively taking up the banner against this irresponsible behavior. And why not?

In Texas, Jennifer Smith’s mother was killed by a man who ran a red light while talking on a cell phone. Dave Teater’s 12-year-old son was also killed by a driver distracted while using a cell phone. Until a human face is connected with this problem, it’s not going to be real to most who feel they can’t go ten minutes without talking on a cell phone or texting while driving.

To Text or Not to Text; What Possible Difference Could it Make?

Will people be willing to accept responsibility and monitor their own dangerous, potentially deadly behavior? Or will the government regulation and law enforcement be necessary? At this point individual people have the freedom to choose to act responsibly or continue to act selfishly, without regard to the destruction to personal property and potential death caused by talking on a cell phone or texting while driving. Personal accountability seems to be almost non-existent these days. Here’s an idea: Decide today to take personal responsibility and let that selfless sense of doing the right thing for the benefit of others guide your every action. It is possible that one person can make a difference in this world.


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