Teeter Inversion Table Reviews 2018: Top Performing Model EP 960 details

Before I started using inversion therapy tables, I used to stretch my back on the mattress in the bid to relieve the pain I usually experienced after work. After searching on the internet on various ways to relieve back pain, I stumbled upon back pain inversion tables. A good number of reviews on inversion therapy singled out Teeter as one of the best brand to purchase an inverted spine machine from. This Teeter Inversion Table Reviews article we have selected top performing model at 2018.

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Teeter is an excellent inversion table brand that I’ve been using for a long while now. I appreciate how it has been able to tackle my back pain and spine issues within a short period. There are various Teeter inversion therapy models on the market with slightly varying features. It is important to choose a model that meets your needs and serves you well. Read this Teeter review and you will learn a few secrets that I learnt from using the Teeter inversion table.

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About the Teeter Inversion Tables

Teeter hang ups inversion tables have been in this industry from the year 1981. The brand utilizes inversion therapy to target back pain at the root, and to be natural, affordable and easy to use method of maintaining and improving spine and joint health. In just some few minutes a day, Teeter hang ups are regarded to alleviate back pain, improve joint health, raise flexibility, and reduce stress. This is the reason they are regarded as #1 rated inversion therapy table with more than 2 million clients to date.

How do Teeter Inversion tables function?

These inversion machines function easily by rotating the precision balanced mechanism enabling you to control the rotation and the speed ion an easy arm movement. Then, make a natural stretch of your body weight and the gravity to decompress the weight bearing joints and the back in a few minutes each day.

A continuous decompression will let each joint decompress in an exact weight that decompresses while it is in an upward position. Stretching will assist eh body alleviate pain naturally and maintain weight bearing, assisting you to have a great back and wonderful body.

Beginning at 20 degrees will get gains and full decompression can be attained at 60 degrees. For those who can perform 90 degrees which is normally meant for professionals can assist deep stretch and exercise that will aim the abs and improved flexibility.

Why Opt for Teeter hang up inversion therapy tables instead of any other brand

Certification – all Teeter hang up inversion therapy machines meet the required standards. These include third party certification and FDA accreditation. This makes many people to prefer the Teeter hang up therapy tables over other brands.

Comfort – another amazing feature about Teeter inversion table for back pain is that they are created with great comfort. The user can train without feeling bad or undergoing many challenges. When the time you normally ride reaches, you can’t hesitate to get on these inverted spine machines due to the soothing feeling they provide.

Material – one of the key things that make the Teeter hang ups brand to be special is that they are created from durable and excellent materials. Normally, they are made from heavy-gauge steel which is strong and lasts long. Thus, the user has no worry about the device breaking or not holding their weight as they practice.

Reviews – going through various reviews online about Teeter hang ups, it is evident that first buyers have been impressed by these back therapy tables. This is because most of them have provided 5 star rating and praise the inversion machine’s features and functionality.

Price – this is one of the issues that some reviewers complain about when it comes to Teeter hang ups back pain inversion machines. It is true that Teeter models are a bit costly than most brands but as well they have extra features, they are FDA approved and safe to use.

Warranty – when it comes to customer support, the Teeter hang ups brand is at the forefront as it offers 5 year full warranty to its clients.

Teeter Hang up inversion tips

    1. One of the common mistakes that people make when they are new to inversion therapy is by inverting fully for the first time. It is recommended for them to begin slow with 20 degrees as they increase to 40 degrees and then 60 degrees. It’s one step at a time.
    2. You will simply require a few minutes of inverting a day to get back pain relief and decompress the whole back and joints, which can restore optimal function to those regions.
    3. Besides relieving back pains, Teeter anti gravity tables assist with other things such as reducing stress, improving blood circulation, reducing muscle tension, improving posture, and increasing flexibility.
  1. Inverting may be somehow difficult on the ankles if you fully invert for more than a few minutes. All you need to note is that you don’t have to fully invert to receive the same results as inverting in 30 degrees.

Top Teeter Inversion Table Reviews with Back pain relief kit(Our Top Pick)

With so many Teeter models on the market, this is one of the best Teeter inversion machine. It is strongly built with heavy-gauge steel and comes with excellent locking mechanisms for safety. These include: auto-locking hinges, extended ankle locks and cam locks. In addition, this Teeter anti gravity back relief machine has a patented wrap-around ankle cups for ergonomic fit. Also, the contoured bed flexes provide comfort to the user. The inversion table can be assembled easily in just 5 steps. It is FDA approved and has third party certification. With the easy to fold frames for storage and 5 year full warranty, this is one of the best hang upside down therapy table.

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Key features:

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Extended ankle lock handle
  • Precision rotation
  • Patented wrap-around ankle cups
  • EZ angle tether
  • 3rd party safety certifications
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Contoured bed flexes
  • Acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge
  • FDA cleared
  • Folds for storage
  • 5 year full warranty


  • The inversion therapy table is made of heavy-gauge steel for longevity
  • This has contoured bed flexes for comfort
  • It is very safe to use as it comes with cam locks, auto-locking hinges and extended ankle lock handle.
  • It is easy to use as it can be inverted through simple arm movements that shift your body weight effortlessly invert and return to upright position.
  • The EZ angle tether allows the user to adjust to their preferred degrees such as 20, 40 and 60.
  • A 5 year full warranty is offered by manufacturer to buyers.


Back pain sufferers should get this Teeter inversion table as it will assist them relieve the pain in their back and neck. Even though this inversion therapy table is quite costly than other brands, it offers more features and performs better than them. Why complain of back and neck pains on a daily basis instead of tackling the situation once and for all. Acquire a Teeter inversion table to have prolonged relief from back pains, improve joint health and also better blood circulation. Whether you are a newbie or pro, the Teeter inversion table with pain relief kit will help you a great deal.


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