Spotlight VS Flashlight? What is the main Differences?


Before purchasing a flashlight for your activity, you should be in a position to know if it suits you or not. There are different kinds of flashlights and light sources in general. Different light sources are best suited in different places. For instance, a flashlight that is ideal for hunting won’t be great for use inside a cave or tent. Some require a source of light that focuses on an object while other individuals need a source of light that lights the entire area.

In this post, we will differentiate between the spotlight and the flashlight. Some people may come up with a notion that this is the same thing. But if analyzed in detail you will realize that these are totally two different things. To begin with, a spotlight is a narrow, intense beam of light on one particular object. While on the other hand, a flashlight is a source of light which can have a spotlight beam or floodlight beam.

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Spotlights usually have a greater throw when compared to floodlights. They can cover a distance of up to 1000 meters or even more. On the other hand, floodlights have a wider beam that covers more than 120 degrees. Thus, they pay to focus on covering a wider area as well as provide a great throw. Spotlights normally don’t cover a wider area as most of the can only reach up to 45 degrees.

In addition, spotlights are typically smaller in size while floodlights are bigger with a larger lens. This means that a spotlight is easy to carry for outdoor use such as hunting, hiking, bike riding, and fishing. While a floodlight is suitable for use inside a camp, for rescue mission or for lighting wide areas such as a football pitch. Also, spotlights are slightly cheaper than the floodlights.

So depending with what you want to do with the light, you can decide to choose a spotlight or floodlight. Some brands offer flashlights that provide both floodlight and spotlight features. A good example is the Fenix FD series. It can be focused to provide floodlight or just used as a spotlight. This makes it be ideal for use by hunters, campers, rescuers, security personnel, and many other outdoor enthusiasts.

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To sum up, it is clear that both the spotlight and flashlight are similar but differ in the kind of light that they provide. Also, a flashlight can be in the form of a spotlight or floodlight. Some brands offer features of a spotlight and floodlight in one product. Thus, it all depends on you on whether you want a light source that focuses on a single object or one that covers a large area.


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