Solaray Flashlight Reviews 2019: Professional series flashlight Kit

Solaray professional flashlights are among the most notable flashlights on the market. Although, Solaray isn’t a popular brand the this brand makes quality flashlights that meet military standards. That’s why it is recommended for tactical use. Solaray has a wide range of flashlights to offer, with different lumens and sizes. So, if you want a reliable light that can withstand all the outdoor hardships, then the solaray brand has a lot to offer. Read this solaray flashlight reviews article and know more about this brand flashlight.

Our Recommend Top 3 Solaray Flashlight Comparison Table

ImagesSolaray Flashlights Lumens BatteryBody & Weight
Professional Series ZX-1 KitCheck Price(Editor’s Choice)
SOLARAY Handheld LED Tactical Flashlights
Read Review
Included Components Batteriesaluminum
W: 5 ounces
Professional Series ZX-1XL – Super Bright 1600 LumensCheck PriceProfessional Series ZX-1XL – Super Bright
Read Review
2 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)Sturdy metal body
W: 7 ounces
Professional Series ZX-2 KitCheck PriceProfessional Series ZX-2 Kit – Super Bright LED Emergency Flashlights
Read Review
Rechargeable BatteryAluminum
W: 6.2 ounces
We’ve discussed in detail some of the best solaray tactical led lights on the market. You can select one from above list or read the review below. These lights have all the amazing features that a person can look for in a military grade light. They are ideal for hunters, police, hikers, campers, dog walkers, security guards, fishing and rescue programs.

Top 3 Solaray Flashlight Reviews 2019

Solar brand have lots of flashlight and below are the top among others.

Solaray Pro zx-1 tactical series professional flashlight

This is one of the best tactical flashlights on the market. It is suitable for hunting, hiking, fishing and for rescue missions.

The flashlight comes with 5 different lighting modes that enable the user to have full control of the torch. Its rugged construction ensures that the led light is able to survive even when it falls on rocks or crashes on the wall. With a nice grip handle, using this torch is very easy and comfortable.
Solaray Flashlight ReviewsCheck Price


  • Rugged aircraft aluminum
  • Cree xml-T6 bulbs
  • Maximum 1200 lumens
  • Adjustable zoom focus lens
  • 5 light modes
  • Grip handle


  • It is ruggedly built with aircraft grade aluminum for durability
  • It has a nice grip handle for easy use
  • This comes with different light modes to have full control of battery power
  • The adjustable zoom focus lens allows the user to change the beam of the light to suit their needs.
  • It is very bright with maximum 1200 lumens.
  • It has CREE LED bulb for extra brightness and longer lifespan.

Solaray Pro zx-1xl professional series flashlight kit

The solaray pro zx-1xl is among the best solaray pro flashlights. It is strongly constructed with aircraft aluminum and has 5 light modes. The metal belt clip makes storage of the flashlight to be easy and quick. In addition, it has a quality led bulb made in the USA that has a long lifespan. Use it as a weapon or for lighting purposes.
Check Price


  • Extended run time
  • 5 light modes
  • Metal belt clip
  • Cree led bulb made in USA
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable zoom focus lens
  • Rugged aircraft grade aluminum


  • This light has a zoomable feature that allows the beam to be adjusted to preference
  • It is sturdily built with aircraft aluminum for longevity and resistance to water and impact
  • It has 5 light modes to facilitate different uses
  • The metal belt clip allows the light to be attached on the belt or pocket for easy storage and use
  • It has extended run time that benefits the user by running for a longtime.

Solaray Pro zx-2 professional series flashlight kit

This solaray professional series package offers a full lighting kit. It comes with both rechargeable and disposable batteries. It is well built from rugged aircraft aluminum that is strong and has an adjustable zoom focus lens. The lanyard that it comes with is for easy storage when not using the torch and the grip makes using the light to be easy. Use it to hunt, hike, fish, camp or even to guard.
Check Price


  • Maximum of 1200 lumens
  • 5 light modes
  • Rugged aircraft grade aluminum
  • Adjustable zoom focus lens
  • Water resistant
  • CREE XML T6 Led bulb


  • It is sturdily created to last long
  • Has a quality led bulb for better performance and lighting
  • It is both water and impact resistant
  • The different lighting modes makes it suitable for different roles

What makes Solaray flashlights to be considered among the best?


Solaray pro flashlights are usually durably made which makes them to be very reliable. Unlike other strong lights made of steel metal, solaray professional lights are made from anodized aluminum which is strong as well as light. This ensures that the flashlight remains intact even after falling down. Also, it protects the inner parts from being in contact with harsh weather conditions from the environment. This feature makes the solaray flashlights to be ideal for military, police, fire department and security use.

Cree LED bulb

One of the distinctive features of Solaray professional lights is that they are built with CREE LED bulb which are high quality and have a long lifespan. These bulbs can last for more than 5 years before they wear out. Also, their filament is well made and doesn’t spoil easily when compared to other types. It is also bright and can light well in different weather conditions.


If you want one of the best and brightest tactical lights on the market, choose from Solaray professional lights. These LED flashlights usually have higher number of lumens which enable them to hit distant places. Also, they come with different lighting modes that enable the user to fully utilize their battery power. They have low, medium, high, strobe and sos lighting modes. The sos is for signaling people and the strobe mode is for protection against an attacker.

Easy storage

The Solaray tactical led lights are very easy to keep when not in use. You just need to place them in your pockets or on your belt by use of the pocket clip they have. This makes them to be handy and they can be utilized as one wish to.

Run time

Another feature that makes people to prefer the solaray brand of lights over other brands is that it functions using either disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries make these lights run for long hours which are great for hunters, hikers and campers as they use these lights for long hours in the evening. Also, the run time can be determined by the type of light mode being used. If you utilize the low mode, the torch will last longer.


Finally, despite the solaray professional flashlights having excellent features, these lights cost less. Their affordability with great performance makes them to be a favorite among many tactical light users. This is why the Solaray pro brand is one of the notable in flashlights. There are some brands that are costly but offer similar features like the solaray pro. Check reviews of solaray professional led lights and you will see how many users highly recommend and praise them.

Bottom Line
People are always torn between different flashlight brands when choosing the best tactical light. With so many brands on the market offering similar features, I can say this is no easy thing for newbies in this area. But one thing is for sure, Solaray professional lights are one of the best. This is because they are durably made, lightweight, compact in design, bright and run for long hours before being recharged.
As seen from the top three solaray tactical lights from above, it’s clear that these military flashlighst are more than ordinary lights as they can act as protection weapons and also alert a person stack somewhere. Flashlights play a huge role in lighting dark alleys or when chasing a burglar or deer in the forest. Hopefully, you’ve found this Solaray flashlight reviews to be helpful. Stil, have a question after reading this Solaray Flashlight reviews? Comment below.


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