Phone VS Flashlight


Since the introduction of LED technology, several types and sizes of flashlights have been introduced into the market. These include keychain, edc, pocket flashlight, shake flashlight, USB charging lights, and tube flashlights. One of the greatest additions in this field is the flashlight found in today’s mobile phones. Actually, there are several apps that have been created and they offer different features for lighting.

With the introduction of a light source on mobile phones, this has lead to the debate about which one (phone light or flashlight?) is the best to have.  This has lead to a huge argument and different people have different opinions about which one is the best. Before you conclude, it is important to know the advantages of disadvantages of using phone or flashlight as your source of light.

As a result, we decided to come up with several comparisons that people normally base on before deciding to use a particular light source. These are as follows:

What are the differences between Phone VS Flashlight?


Many flashlights have higher lumens and offer extremely bright light. This is not the case with phone light. Most phones offer light with a maximum lumen of between 10 and 20. But with flashlights, most of the LED lights have lumens that go over 100 lumens. Also, a good number of flashlights come with more than one lighting mode. This allows the user to cycle through different light modes and to use them appropriately.

Battery power

One of the disadvantages of using a phone light is that it will drain your battery very quickly. Some phones even get hot when a light is left on for a long period of time. This is not the case with flashlights. Flashlights can run for hours depending on the type of battery being used and the light mode. Some use rechargeable batteries which will just need you to plug a Micro-USB and recharge them. Also, you can carry extra batteries. Although, you can easily find rechargeable flashlight with battery.

Convenience and reliability

When it comes to convenience, a flashlight still beats the phone light. This is because flashlights are small in size and can be stored easily. In addition, flashlights come with things like a lanyard, pocket clip, and holster for properly storing it. If you’re working in tight areas, you will find that flashlights are very easy to use as they are compactly designed. On the other hand, mobile phones are fragile and cannot be used in tight places due to their size and risk involved. Hence, flashlights can be heavily relied on more than mobile phones.

Tactical use

To avoid losing your phone by crashing it on a rock, wall or even falling into water, you should carry a flashlight with you. Phones light can be used for lighting a place but not in tactical or rough surroundings. A good number of small flashlights are built with impact and water resistant materials. This makes them to be durable and able to defy impact and water. Exposing such risks to your phone might cost you big time. But if it’s for reading a book or checking something inside the house, you can use your phone light. It is better because it doesn’t have much glare like that of a flashlight which might blind you.


Depending on where you are heading to or what you intend to use the light for, you can decide to use a mobile phone light or flashlight light. In many cases, mobile phone light is used when there is no any other source of light. This is because it drains the phone battery and it isn’t as bright as a flashlight. So, a phone light is great for emergencies and shorter use while a flashlight is great for outdoor and longer use. Also, a flashlight can be used in rough areas and for tactical use.



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