Mobil 1 Oil Filter Review of 2018: For your car extended performance

A car needs regular maintenance for it to continue running smoothly and perfectly. One of the major parts to inspect during car maintenance is its oil filter. There are different types and brands of oil filters on the market. They all carry out the same function but not with the same efficiency. That’s why some vehicle oil filters are regarded to be better than others. Read Mobil 1 oil filter Review and understand why you need this for your car!

When you speak about the best engine oil filters on the market, Mobil 1 is definitely worth mentioning. This is considered by many motorists as one of the best engine oil filters on the market. Every car owner needs an oil filter that not only perfectly gets rid of contaminants from the oil but also allows perfect flow. This helps the engine to run with no problem and to cover several miles before changing it.

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Mobil 1 has the power to remove 99.6 percent dirt from the oil. It is made up of excellent features and that’s why it has a high rating on most of the online platforms. Other popular brand oil filters are Wix, Bosch and Fram.

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Factors that make Mobil 1 a top oil filter brand

There are various attributes that make Mobil 1 to be considered among the top brands on the market. Here are some of the things that we have compiled that distance it from other brands.

  • Durability

When it comes to construction, Mobil 1 is sturdily built to not only last long but as well resist harsh environmental conditions. It is built with an aluminum canister that has the capability to defy up to 9 times the operating pressure. Also, it has a lubricated seal.

  • High performance

One of the distinct features of this filter is that it performs outstandingly in removing dirt from oil with a 99.6 percent chance. This is double to that of its rivals. Also, it enables the oil to flow freely and the engine to function with little trouble.

  • Quality features

Mobil 1 filter has some of the best features that any motorist can wish for in a quality oil filter. For instance, the silicone anti-drain back valve is present to prevent leakage during shutdown. Other features include filter media, end caps and cartridges which make it to function better.

  • Versatility

Most of the drivers or car owners prefer an oil filter that gives you the opportunity to use different types of oils. Mobil 1 oil filter enables the driver or car owner to utilize any motor oil. Some oils may perform better in certain areas and you can change it if need be. This makes it to be very convenient. This is what Mobil 1 offers to its users.

  • Favorable price

Another issue to consider when purchasing an oil filter is its price. There are various oil filters on the market that pose as the best but still don’t deliver. Mobil 1 covers more than 15, 000 miles which makes it be exceptional at its cost. Also, it is easily available online and in stores.

  • Notable brand

This brand is highly recommended by motorist. This is because of its guaranteed performance and longer use.

You won’t need to change the oil until you have gone several miles. Most of the users recommend changing after 10, 000 miles.

The best mobil 1 oil filter review

If you have tried out various types of car oil filters on the market that haven’t turned out to be very effective, the ones that we are about to discuss are some of the best. These are from Mobil 1 which is among the best brands and is widely used around the world. These offer the best of features and better performance.

Mobil 1 M1 – 102 Extended Performance oil filter(Our Top Pick)

This is one of the highly utilized engine oil filters on the market. It is durably constructed for longevity and to resist harsh environmental conditions. It has a silicone anti-drain back valve that prevents engine dry starts. For today’s longer drain intervals, this filter offers a long life performance. In addition, it has the capability to hold double contaminants when compared to its rivals. It has a 99.6 percentage multi-pass efficiency rating and an advanced synthetic fiber blend media. Furthermore, the filter effectively removes contaminants from the motor oil. A great thing about this oil filter is that it can be applied on with any motor oil. With a cartridge, end caps, and filter media, this filter has some of the best features for outstanding performance.
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Main features:

  • Silicone anti-drain back valve
  • Filter line’s Proprietary design
  • Cartridge oil filter
  • Durable construction
  • Filter media
  • End caps


  • It covers at least 15, 000 miles before requiring a change or show sign of wearing out
  • It is durably made to withstand extreme conditions
  • Installation of this engine oil is easy and quick
  • It prevents dry starts by getting rid of internal leakage during shutdown via the utilization of the anti-drain back valve.
  • Mobil 1 M1 102 holds twice the contaminants when compared to its competitors
  • It is able to withstand nine times normal system operating pressure

Mobil 1 M1 – 212 Extended oil filter

The Mobil 1 M1 – 212 extended filter is a high performing engine oil filter with top features that enable smooth running of the engine. It is sturdily built with a durable metal and is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. This car filter has a number of features like the synthetic fiber, end caps, cartridge and filter media that ensure proper filtration of contaminants in the oil.
The silicone anti-drain back valve that the filter comes with prevents dry start of the engine by removing internal leakage during shutdown via the utilization of this feature. Also, it has the power to effectively remove contaminants double the size of its rivals. No matter what type of motor oil you use, this oil filter will perform exceptionally.
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Main features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Silicone anti-drain back valve
  • Cartridge’
  • Synthetic fiber
  • End caps
  • Filter media
  • Proprietary design


  • It is sturdily constructed to last long
  • The silicone anti-drain back valve works by preventing dry starts when the engine is started
  • It has a proprietary design for trapping and holding more dirt than its competitors
  • Mobil 1 M1 212 gets rid of contaminants very effectively with a 99.6 percent multi-pass efficiency rating
  • It is able to withstand nine times usual system operating pressure for outstanding protection up to 615 pounds per square inch.
  • It has an advanced synthetic fiber blend media for effective removing of abrasive contaminants.

For a smooth running engine, you need to use one of the best engine oil filters such as the ones above from Mobil 1.  Mobil 1 is a wonderful brand with a great reputation. The filters that they create come with top features that make the filtered motor oil to be free from lots of contaminants for better performance. They are durably made and have an anti-drain back valve that prevents internal leakage during shutdown. With years of experience, Mobil 1 is highly recommended and can be found in various stores around the world. The greatest advantage is that it can be applied with any motor oil.


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