How to Install Stereo System in Car? Include Diagram!

How to Install Stereo System in Car

If you’ve just acquire a new single din or double din car stereo, installing it should be easy and quick. This is something you can do it by yourself instead of visiting a mechanic who will charge you for the service. In this article, we’ve compiled all the crucial information you require to properly install your car stereo system. One of the things to take note while doing this is that these stereos systems vary from one brand and type to another. Thus, before you install this device, you should read the instructions that it comes with for proper setup. We shall major discuss about three sections of installing your car which entails removing the old car system, connecting the new one and installing it, before testing.

Step by step guide: How to Install Stereo System in Car

  • Set the parking brake and disconnect the negative cable from the battery of your vehicle. This is done so that short-circuiting the electrical system during the installation is avoided.
  • Unscrew any screws that are holding the trim in place. Be cautious to remove all the screws before attempting to pry off the trim or you might break it.
  • Remove the rim – for a number of vehicles, you may require to remove various pieces of plastic, normally working from the bottom upwards.
  • Pull out any necessary parts – If you require to get rid of any parts before being in a position to access the stereo, do so immediately. Also, disconnect parts that are wired to the vehicle.
  • Loosen the stereo – different types of cars have different features that hold the stereo in position.
  • Pull the stereo out of the panel – you may need to utilize pliers to grip the edge of the stereo and assist you pull it out. In case the car stereo system doesn’t come out easily, inspect that you haven’t missed any parts that might be keeping it in position.
  • Take a picture of how the stereo is wired. This is really crucial because the photo will serve as a reference later when you’re wiring in the new stereo.
  • Pull out the stereo connections – when you do this, you will observe a series of wires linked to the back of the stereo and you will be required to disconnect each one of them.
  • The first step when it comes to setting up the car stereo is by matching up the wires of the vehicle’s harnesses to the new stereo’s harness. Every harness connector is special, hence it should be simple to know which one fit together.
  • Set up the mounting kit – if the new car stereo came with a separate mounting kit, set it up according to the car stereo’s guidelines.
  • Link up the power source – usually, if you have a wiring harness, this link up will be made when you link the new stereo harness to the harness of the vehicle.
  • Ground the vehicle stereo system if you are using the wiring harness. The connection will be made possible when you link the harness pieces.
  • Link the remaining wires – start by putting in the antenna cable and link the stereo’s wiring adapter to the vehicle’s wire harness. Connect the output convertor if one is required to make a new stereo that matches with the vehicle’s audio system.
  • Test the stereo – put the power on and test the AM, FM and CD components. Also, test the fade and balance settings to be certain the speakers are functioning well.
  • Push the stereo into place and reconnect all the other parts. Fasten the screws to hold the car stereo in place and reconnect wired parts.
  • Inspect all the screws and trim pieces by ensuring that they are securely in place.
  • Finally, put the power on and test to see whether the car stereo system is working. Make sure that everything is in order even the settings of the stereo.

The basics above for removing, connecting and installing of a car stereo are simple to follow and will help you save some bucks that you could’ve spent in an auto-shop or store. Use the information above to accurately install a car stereo system of your choice.


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