How to Fix a Broken Flashlight


A broken flashlight can be hard to deal with. A flashlight is one of the commonly used tools in households and outdoors. It can be used to search lost items in the backyard at night, hunt in the forest, lighten up a tent or even be used to search for a lost pen under the bed. The moment you discover that your flashlight isn’t functioning or it performs undeservingly, then you should try to fix it right away.

In most cases, flashlight users who have a broken flashlight rush to take it to the manufacturer for repair even without attempting to repair it by themselves. Most of the time, repairing a broken flashlight is very easy and can be done within the shortest time possible. Taking a flashlight to be repaired can be time-consuming and may end up being costly. In this post, we will help you fix your broken flashlight within a short period of time and start using it immediately.

How to Fix a Broken Flashlight?

To begin with, there are things that you need in order to properly and effectively fix the flashlight. These include: a pair of tweezers, nail, Q-tips, needle-nose pliers, writing pen, and a clean cloth. These items will help you to easily and quickly fix your LED flashlight.

Start by unscrewing the tail cap from the flashlight. Then check and see the two little holes in the tail cap. Take the needle-nose pliers and put it in the little two indentions in the O-ring in the tail cap. Turn it counter clockwise to tighten it. Afterward, clean the tail cap using the Q-tip. If there is dirt or grime on the tip, you will be required to clean the thread on the body of the flashlight. Clean the thread using a clean cloth.

If you have old batteries, replace them with new ones. Don’t make a mistake of mixing old and new batteries. Just to be sure if it’s the tail cap that has a problem or the LED bulb, take the tweezers or a metallic item to test if the bulb is functioning or not. Put the tweezer across the tail section so that it creates contact with both the flashlight and battery. If the light turns on, the issue is with the switch and not the bulb. But if it doesn’t, then the bulb needs to be repaired or there is a problem with the circuitry. Thus, try to get a premium quality flashlight to avoid these type problem.

After testing the bulb, put back the tail cap by tightening it. If left loose, it may as well not function as needed. Try switching on/off and cycle through the different light modes to just be sure that everything is fine. Also, you don’t have to wait for your flashlight to develop such issues before checking what the problem is. Do this after every six months to so that you can keep your high lumen light working at its best.  Also, never forget to change the batteries in time as corrosion can lead to damage of inner parts and make the flashlight to perform poorly.

Now that you know how to fix a broken flashlight, you shouldn’t be rushing to take it to the manufacturer but try to fix it. If the issue is with the circuit, body or LED bulb, then you can go ahead and contact the manufacturer for repair. But the procedure that we’ve outlined above takes care of 90% of flashlight issues.


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