Fram Oil Filter Review 2019: Are fram oil filters Really that bad or Good?

Are you searching for a quality engine oil filter for your car? Look no further than Fram oil filters. Fram car oil filter has been in use for long. There are different debates concerning this filter with some people saying that it is a wonderful filter while others saying differently. By reading this review and checking out the features in the two of the best Fram vehicle oil filters, you can deice for yourself. After reading several online reviews and testing out the Fram oil filter, we discovered that it is one of the best oil filters. Despite this, it is not as effective as the best brands on the market. But it is commonly used by everyday vehicle users. In this Fram Oil Filter review article, we have selected the top two fram oil filters.

Fram oil filter has more than 30 years of experience and has been in use for a long period of time. This makes it be a reliable brand that you can trust to provide the best filter experience for your car. Fram creates filters that use the finest filtering media present. It constructs high quality canisters that get rid of leakage and high pressure blow out.

Top Two Best Fram Oil Filter Comparison Table

ImagesFram Oil FilterProduct DimensionsItem Weight
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
FRAM PH7317 Extra Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter
Read Review
2.8 x 2.8 x 3.7 inches6.4 ounces
(Editor’s Choice)
FRAM PH10060Check Price
FRAM PH10060 Full-Flow Lube Spin-on Oil Filter
Read Review
4 x 4 x 4 inches 8 ounces

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They are well designed and offer one of the best performances. Depending on the Fram model you are using, they usually cover 3, 000 miles to 75, 000 miles. Read further to know more about Fram engine oil filter. Although, you can also check details about Bosch, Mobil 1 and Wix oil filters review.

Features that make Fram oil filters to be one of the best

Before acquiring a Fram filter, you should know if it will work efficiently on your car. This is because there are models made for particular vehicles and are only suitable for them. Also, the features vary slightly and it’s important to view them before buying the Fram oil filter of your choice.

  • Durable construction – this is a really crucial feature for any type of oil filter. Fram oil filters are sturdily made to withstand harsh conditions. Internally, they have a precision coil with glass fiber reinforced. The gasket is lubricated for better functionality.
  • High mileage oil filter – for those who are going to cover several miles, this is the best oil filter type for them. It covers from 3, 000 miles up to 75, 000 miles depending on the model of the Fram filter. All you have to do is to pick the best Fram oil filter for your vehicle so that you don’t have to worry.
  • Easy installation and removal – with the sure grip coating that gives the filter a non-slip finish, it makes the filter to be very easy to install or to remove it. Also, the design fits well in everyday use cars.
  • Reliable brand – Fram is a brand that was started 30 years ago and has the knowledge and experience that helps them come up with high performing oil filters. Also, they provide warranty which assures you of the quality of their products.
  • Price – unlike many of the high quality oil filters on the market, Fram products are fairly priced. This solely depends on the model you are choosing. One of the best Fram model is the Extra guard. This is favorably priced but offers outstanding performance.
  • Warranty – not every brand provides warranty but Fram does. When you buy an oil filter from Fram, you get warranty on parts and labor.

    But to get this warranty, you must install the filters as per the manufacturer’s directions.

Best two Fram oil filter review 2019

There are various brands with varying types of oil filters on the market. Fram has some of the best engine oil filters on the market. After going through various reviews and trying out some models, we managed to come up with the two best Fram car oil filters on the market. These are very easy to install and are as well durably made. These are as follows:

Fram PH7317 Extra guard passenger car spin-on oil filter(Our Top Pick)

The Fram PH7317 extra guard passenger car spin-on oil filter is a durably made with excellent features. It is very easy to install with the sure grip coating that gives a non-slip finish. Fram PH7317 can cover up to 5, 000 miles before needing change.

It performs well in trapping and holding of dirt when compared to other engine oil filters on the market. The internally lubricated sealing gasket makes it even easier to remove the filter. Furthermore, it is designed with a precision coil spring with glass fiber reinforced Nylon poppet relief valve. Such features make this filter to be suitable for use by everyday drivers who carry out frequent maintenance on their cars.
Fram PH7317 oil filterCheck Price

Main features:

  • Ideal holding capacity
  • Proprietary filter media
  • Proven protection for up to 5, 000 miles
  • Lubricated sealing gasket
  • Cartridge
  • Sure grip coating


  • They are created with a precision coil spring with glass fiber reinforced Nylon poppet relief valve
  • It is very easy to install with its sure grip coating that provides a non-slip finish
  • The filter can be removed with much ease with its internally lubricated sealing gasket.
  • It has the ability to trap and hold more than double the dirt of normal oil filter brands
  • It has an excellent dirt holding capacity that offers exceptional engine protection for oil change interval of not less than 5, 000 miles.
  • They have a cartridge of proprietary detergents and compounds that keep viscosity, lower corrosive wear, neutralize acids and keep engine parts cleaner.

Fram PH10060 Full-flow lube spin-on oil filter

The Fram PH10060 is a sturdily made engine oil filter. It is created for longer change interval of between 6, 000 to 10, 000 miles. In addition, it has an internally lubricated sealing gasket for an easier removal of the filter. Also, it traps and holds more than double the dirt of ordinary oil filter brands. The sure grip gives a non-slip finish for simple installation and removal of the engine oil filter. Moreover, Fram is an established brand and this model is one of the most efficient one in performance. It’s capability to trap and hold dirt when the engine is started makes it to be highly reliable.
Fram PH10060 full flow oil filterCheck Price

Main features:

  • Synthetic blend media
  • Sure grip coating
  • Coil spring
  • Metal screen
  • Gasket


  • It has a 70 percent more capacity when compared to leading competitors
  • It is durably made to withstand different harsh conditions and last longer
  • Fram PH10060 is very easy to install with its non-slip finish
  • It perfectly traps and holds double the dirt when compared to ordinary oil filters
  • It is less costly unlike the other high end brands on the market
  • Fram PH10060 traps dirt particles so that oil can flow freely without being affected
  • It performs well at 96 percent single pass efficiency (SPE)

If you haven’t used Fram oil before, you shouldn’t judge it quickly as most of the people have done online. Fram oil has excellent features that make it be one of the best oil filters on the market. This is because it is very easy to fit on your vehicle. Moreover, it is durably constructed and excellently traps and holds dirt so that when you start the engine clean oil flows smoothly. You can choose from one of the Fram filters that we’ve discussed above as they are considered to be one of the best. Still, have a question after reading this Fram Oil Filter review? Comment below.


  1. looking for fram filter for 2018 audi sq5 3.0 turbo engine

    • This is the latest model, and I have not found the Fram oil filter that supports your car. It is a good idea to contact Audi customer support for advice/help.


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