Flashlight vs Torch


Is there any difference between a flashlight and a Torch? Well, some might say there is, while others might say it is the same thing. First of all, whether you agree or disagree, these two are a source of light to us. For the years that I have been working as a construction worker, I’ve come across several types of lights that enabled me come up with some conclusions.

But before I speak about my conclusions about the “Flashlight vs Torch” topic, I want you to know that different areas use different terminologies but still mean the same thing. For instance, the name torch is used in British English and flashlight is from American English. Actually, both of these provide light but in a totally different way. Formerly, the torch was known as electric torch before it was changed to torch.

Back to my conclusion…a flashlight is a directional source of light while a torch is a non-directional source of light. A torch provides 360 degrees of light which is not the case with a flashlight. Also, the word flashlight is more common in the United States while torch is common in other English speaking nations. Before the US came up with the flashlight, people usually referred to portable sources of light as torch. Other light sources that function in a similar way like a torch are a lantern, wand, and rescue lights.

So, if you want a light source that covers the entire room, then a torch or lantern is more ideal than a flashlight. A flashlight is suitable for outdoor use that involves movement. A flashlight can also be used like a torch by being placed on its tail cap and the face cap removed. Whatever the case, some people refer to flashlight as a torch or vice versa.

In addition, a torch provides very intense light such as that of fire while a flashlight provide a light that focuses on a particular area. This means that a torch is great for providing light for illuminating a wide area, while a flashlight is for focusing on a particular spot or target.

For the years that I have been using flashlight, many of my colleagues usually used these terms to refer to a source of flashlight that offers directional light. That’s my take. You can bring your argument forward, too. But these two are similar and can be used to mean the same thing depending on where you reside.


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