Flashlight VS Laser


This topic is more familiar with gun owners or users. Different shooters prefer different light sources. There are those who say that laser allows them to have an accurate target and some say that flashlights are amazing as they not only enable you see the target but also their surroundings. But at the end of the day, it all depends with your preference and where you want to use it. If your job is to only hit the target in poorly lit areas, then a laser is the best choice. But if you intend to shoot and illuminate your target, the flashlight can be the best alternative.

In this article, we’ve decided to differentiate and set out the benefits and shortcomings of flashlights and laser. This will in the end assist you to come up with an ideal choice of what source of light suits your shooting activities.

First and foremost, flashlights produce white light which is super bright. This is enough to disorient an attacker. The only problem with this is that an attacker can see the bright light and shoot towards the source of light. This might end up injuring the flashlight user. Although, this can be very challenging as the bright light can blind the enemy for sometime before they can regain conscious or shoot in the right direction. In short, a flashlight serves as an illumination light, can be used for target, and can be applied to blind an enemy before taking off or shooting them.

When it comes to laser, this is more of a target light than an illumination light. It is able to offer an accurate target and enables the user of the gun to shoot where they want to shoot. These are great at teaching shooting as they allow one to hit targets that they can’t see clearly or when in odd positions. They are available in red, blue, violet, pink, and white colors. One of the disadvantages of using laser is that if you get used to it, using iron sights can be difficult and render your shooting worthless. So, it’s a good idea to use laser but as well train without them.

In addition, lasers don’t work well in poor light conditions such as dust, smoke, glass, and daylight. This is a huge hindrance and that’s why having the two can be a great advantage to any gun users or shooter. When choosing a flashlight, consider one that can be mounted on your long gun so that you can have an easy time aiming at your target instead of holding the flashlight in one hand and a gun in other. This can delay you or even put you in danger.

Lasers are cheaper when compared to flashlights. Besides this, they are well built with a rugged design and long battery life. On the other hand, flashlights have loose parts which can be damaged easily depending on the quality of the flashlight. They are also costly and have a short battery life when used constantly.

Another usual difference between these two is that flashlights have an incoherent light while laser have a coherent light. Light produced from a flashlight cannot travel a long distance. This is because the light produced is unfocused and diverges as the distance traveled increases. While light from laser can travel long distances as it doesn’t spread out during traveling.

All-in-all, both flashlights and laser illumination have their ups and downs. If you find a light source that has both can be a huge advantage to you. This might be costly but it’s worth every penny as both the lights can be very crucial in different scenarios.



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