Flashlight Switch Repair


A flashlight is a great source of light to have with you everywhere you go to. It doesn’t matter if it’s hunting, hiking, camping, fishing or for any other outdoor use. The LED flashlights provide light to users and some are used to keep attackers away. With such importance, it’s vital to ensure that you have a working flashlight and not just for the sake of it.

Flashlights are used multiple times especially at night as you stroll with your dog or check if anything is left in the backyard. As a result, some of the parts of the flashlights get damaged or started performing poorly. Regular cleaning and inspection of the edc light is important so that it can still function like a new one. One of the flashlight parts that spoil quickly is the switch. The switch of a flashlight is used in whenever the flashlight is switched on or off. This in turn can make the switch to loosen a bit and fail to function appropriately.

How to Flashlight Switch Repair?

In this post, we’ve come up with a guideline to help you mend your switch and get your flashlight shinning bright once again. Before you proceed, you should be sure that it is the switch of the flashlight that has a problem.

Start by removing the tail cap and make sure that the batteries are installed in the right way. Then, put a metallic object such as tweezers or a screwdriver across the tail section so that it makes contact with both the flashlight and the battery. When the light turns on, then the issue is with the switch. Go ahead and inspect the assembly of the switch.

Slowly and carefully, unscrew the tail cap switch and pull the rubber cap. After that, utilize something thin and blunt to push the plastic housing out of the tail cap. Pull the switch from the plastic housing and place it on a surface or table for inspection.

Before you check it, measure the resistance of the switch to ensure that the issue in the flashlight is caused by the switch. Use a thin object to pry open the switch through the holes on the sides. But in case your switch does not come with holes on the sides, then utilize something very thin such as a flat screwdriver to wedge between the side crack of the switch.

If you are done opening the switch, clean its 3 pins carefully and well. Actually, you can use a sand paper or metal file to get rid of rust from the surface of the conductors. Note that you shouldn’t file the surface too much, but simply scratch the surface.  After cleaning, you can reassemble the switch. Then, measure resistance of the switch. Prior to fixing the switch, its resistance was around 13 ohm, and after fixing it, it should be around 0.01 to 0.1 ohm. This means that it is back in good shape and functioning.

Place the fixed switch back in its housing and install the rubber cap. Afterwards, put back the plastic housing and tap it lightly to securely fit it in the tail cap.  Then, connect the tail cap to the flashlight and examine it. And you follow those steps then any type LED tactical flashlights should be able to work.


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