Flashlight Brands List 2019: The 25 Brand History!


The moment you start searching for any flashlight online, the results will offer you different brands and types of flashlights to choose from. Flashlights are used in different ways such as for normal lighting, work or for security reasons. Whatever purpose you need the flashlight for, it is important that you always acquire a reliable and durable flashlight that you can rely on. There are numerous brands to select from and you should juggle through them and land the one that you think meets your needs.

25 Flashlight Brands List

In this Flashlight Brands List post, we are going to look at some of the best flashlight brands on the market. These are considered by many as the best brands and their flashlights are one of the most durable and reliable.


Surefire is an American based company and one of the most re-known flashlight brands on the market. The company was Co-founded by one John Mathews as Newport Corporation in 1969. Surefire, LLC is based in Fountain Valley, California. The company offers a wide range of products which includes flashlights, headlamps, laser lights, and weapon-mounted lights. Also, Surefire makes Picatinny rails, knives, batteries, and sound suppressors. The flashlights created by Surefire are rugged, compact, powerful, reliable, and very efficient in performance. That’s why a good number of law enforcers, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, and adventurers depend on Surefire flashlights.


With specialization in R&D, manufacturing, and selling of outdoor sport lighting tools, with the inclusion of mid/high-end flashlights, camping lights, cycling lights, and headlamps, among many others, Fenix is a brand to reckon with. Fenix sells its products in more than 100 countries around the world and has become a member of some of the major international industry associations like EOG (European Outdoor Group), OIA (Outdoor Industry Association), NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation), and PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization). The brand offers the highest standards in quality, performance and customer service. For a period of over 10 years now, Fenix has manufactured its products in its facility in Shenzhen, China.


Started over 40 years ago, Streamlight is a hands-on company that offers a wide range of products. All the products made by Streamlight go through the same process which is talking to customers and users of the products before making improvements and coming up with better products. Some of their lighting products include headlamps, handheld flashlights, high beam lights, and vehicle-mounted flashlights. Streamlight creates its products with the highest quality standards in minds.  Their products are reliable, durable, powerful, and affordable. Also, the lighting tools that they have created are safe to use even around explosive gases and in other dangerous environments.


The Nitecore brand is the leading specialist manufacturer of illumination and electronic tools for professional-level users in different fields. Also, the brand sells its lighting products in more than 100 countries around the world. Since the company was formed in 2007, it has been offering top of the range products that have been able to compete favorably with other top brands. Actually, Nitecore products are one of the most famous in Europe, America, Oceania, and even in the Middle East. People that use Nitecore lighting products includes: campers, anglers, hikers, divers, mountaineers, and many other outdoor enthusiasts.


Besides being one of the newest flashlight companies, Klarus has already established itself as one of the best flashlight companies in the world. Klarus lighting technology company limited was started in June 2011. The brand provides a wide selection of innovative flashlights of great quality and performance. At the moment, Klarus already has a presence in United States, Europe, Canada, Oceania, Asia, Africa, and in many other places around the world. The main goal of the firm is to provide superior quality and reliable products that can perfectly work in all weather conditions. Klarus products have been embraced by law enforcers, emergency responders, special forces, military personnel, hunters, and many other outdoor lovers.


Established in 1919, Coast is a brand that has a rich heritage. It was founded by Henry Brands near the banks of the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. The company specializes in making tools for professionals and those individuals who function like professionals in order to make their work easier, safer, and more fun. Before Coast started making flashlights and other tools, their first ever product was a specialized fillet knife. Currently, Coast boasts of a wide range of products which are LED flashlights, LED headlamps, emergency area lamps, knives, and multi-tools. All of Coast products are backed by a lifetime warranty which is exceptional.


Utilized by law enforcers, military personnel, emergency responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and for general use, Maglite is one of the top flashlight brands in America. Maglite was started in 1979, but the real firm was founded in 1955 by one Anthony Maglica. The firm went on to produce the first flashlight in 1979, and the rest is history. Their flashlights are rugged and reliable. Actually, Maglite has dedicated product innovation and refinement in order to come up with some of the best flashlights on the market. Apart from creating flashlights, they as well create flashlight accessories.


Olight’s main aim is to put as many flashlights in people’s hands as possible. The firm believes that no person should be left in the dark and that’s why they provide quality illumination to every person. Olight products are made with premium grade materials to make sure that they meet quality standards. They are reliable and ruggedly built with outstanding features to enable users to conquer the night. Some of the people that use Olight products are military personnel, law enforcers, outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, and for general use.


ThruNite was once a dream of the founder and CEO, David Chen. Started in 2009, David dropped out to pursue his dream in south China where he met a lot of offsets, but still overcame them to form what we have today as ThruNite. ThruNite is a short form of “Through Night”. The company was first formed in Dongguan, Guangdong, and later moved to Shenzhen, which happens to be the most dynamic city in China. As we speak, ThruNite can be found in almost every corner of the world and is distributed in countries like US, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, China, and Japan. Their products are ruggedly built and reliable.


This is a brand that provides innovative, high powered LED flashlights and searchlights for professional use and outdoor adventure. The company (EagleTac) is based in Washington, United States of America. They create products of different sizes, output, use, power, and battery sources. Their products are utilized by law enforcers, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and rescuers. In addition, they provide one year warranty to their products and have some of the brightest and most powerful flashlights on the market.


Zebralight flashlight brand is another American flashlight brand. This company is based in Texas and produces flashlights, headlamps, and flashlight accessories. Since the firm was started, they have continued to come up with innovative and high-quality lighting products. The flashlights they create are great for general, tactical, and outdoor use.


The Foursevens brand started out at an online shop that sold various types of flashlights. But after selling a handful of flashlights and seeing customer reviews, they decided to make their own flashlights to meet the needs of flashlight users. That’s when the Foursevens LLC was formed in 2008. Then, the store and brand were separated to focus on their respective businesses. The desire of the founders of the Foursevens flashlight brand led to the making of technologically advanced flashlights. Foursevens has some of the brightest LED technology and their headlamp system is unique. Their products are utilized by different people and the brand is developing at a faster rate.


With more than 10 years in the flashlight field, UltraFire is an established brand with outstanding lighting products. As a matter of fact, UltraFire is one of the most notable LED brands. Also, their flashlights have a wide range of lumens which vary from 250 lumens to 8700 lumens. The most powerful or brightest UltraFire flashlight covers a maximum distance of 500 meters. Also, UltraFire flashlights are built with the best materials that make them to be durable, reliable, and to defy bad weather. People who use these flashlights and headlamps from UltraFire include military, law enforcers, hunters, campers, emergency responders, and outdoor enthusiasts.


Dorcy was founded on the idea that if we work honestly, then all of us can benefit. The Dorcy is a flashlight brand that was started 55 years ago. It is based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Today, the brand has branches all over the world in countries like Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and China. The company has specialized in designing, producing, and distributing of portable lighting products around the world. The flashlights they create are utilized for general use, camping, hiking, cycling, emergency lighting, and hiking, to just name but a few. Dorcy is the founding member of PLATO (Portable Lights American Trade Organization).


Founded in 1976, Pelican is a brand that has continued to rise as a global leader in the design, and manufacturer of high-performance portable lighting systems, protective cases, rugged gear, and temperature controlled packaging solutions for professionals and outdoor lovers alike. Dave Parker and his wife co-founded the firm in their Torrance, California garage. Dave had noted the need for a rugged flashlight and cases from his early upbringing as he was a scuba diver. With years of struggle, the brand managed to create its first flashlight, “Pelican float” and later protector cases. Today, Pelican offers some of the best all-weather flashlights on the market.


This is a brand that has specialized in creating flashlights and flashlight accessories. Sunwayman brand manufactures beautiful and innovative flashlights that are designed to match every user’s needs. The flashlights that Sunwayman creates are compact in design, have a great throw, a perfect beam, and a high illumination output. The brand pays close attention to design and technology which makes it be one of the best flashlight brands on the market.


Based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Energizer is one of the top manufacturers of primary batteries, lanterns, and portable flashlights. In 1980, the company’s name was changed from Eveready Alkaline Power Cell to Energizer. But the real company dates back in 1896 when it was first formed. Over the years, Eveready has been known as a leading manufacturer of quality batteries, flashlights, and lanterns. The firm manufacturers bright, versatile, and indispensable flashlights. Eveready lighting products are used by both outdoor enthusiasts and law enforcers.


Since being incepted in 2005, Nextorch has continued to offer high-end and portable flashlights. They have some of the most advanced lighting technology and their flashlights are very reliable. Flashlights from Nextorch are utilized by outdoor enthusiasts, industry professionals, law enforcers, campers, hunters, mountaineers, and for general use. The brand has its products distributed in more than 100 countries around the world. Nextorch offers superior products and services to its clients.


MecArmy manufactures innovative and excellent flashlights. The firm creates compact flashlights with a high lumen output and USB charging interface. The experts at MecArmy are made up of a team of innovative individuals who love outdoor activities and mix it with their skilled craftsman art to come up with excellent flashlights. Users of the MecAramy flashlights include law enforcers, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and tacticians. One of the good things about this brand is that they offer a 5-year warranty on all of their products.

J5 Tactical

J5 tactical flashlight is one of the brightest flashlight brands on the market. Just as it name suggests J5 tactical is a brand that majors in creating tactical flashlights for outdoor use. Flashlights and accessories from J5 tactical are ruggedly built and can withstand tough conditions. The flashlights meet industry standards and are usually utilized by law enforcers, military personnel, hunters, hikers, mountaineers, and for general use as well.


From humble beginnings to one of the top brands on the market, JETBeam has grown rapidly since its inception in 2004. The Shenzhen JETBeam electronic technology co. is based in Shenzhen, China. The company was created with an aim of producing LED lighting tools. From 2004 to present, the company has developed and now they have two brands which are JETBeam and NITEYE. The latest brand which is NITEYE, was created to focus on producing headlamps, bicycle lights, high-performance lights, and searchlights.


Established in 2005, XTAR has been specializing in the creation and development of high-quality Li-ion batteries, smart chargers, and LED flashlights. In addition, the brand has experienced R&D department and self-contained factory, so it is also capable of offering OEM/ODM services to customers with special needs. The products made by XTAR have global certifications such as RoHS and CE. For 10 years, XTAR has continued to offer quality flashlights to its clients up to date.


Lumintop was discovered in the year 2008 by Mr. Tiger and his friends who love outdoor activities. The aim of creating the brand was to come up with exceptional flashlights at an affordable cost. From then to date, Lumintop has continued to design and create quality flashlights with different designs. This has paid off and they have their flashlights all over USA and Europe. In addition, Lumintop offers OEM and ODM service to satisfy their customer requirements.


The brand was started in 2006 with a vision of providing high quality light that incorporates not just the powerful but as well tactical features. The main goal of Powertac is to create portable lighting devices that can help in the hour of need even if it means functioning in the toughest conditions. With a wide range of flashlights, there is almost every flashlight for every person be it a law enforcer, hunter, camper, military personnel, outdoor enthusiast, and for general use.


Among the Solarforce products, the L2 series is the most famous. Solarforce is a flashlight manufacturer based in HongKong, China. The brand has dedicated to coming up with compact, sturdily designed, and powerful flashlights. Their flashlights are great for both professionals and flashlight enthusiasts.

After looking at the different types of flashlight brands on the market, now it’s your turn to decide which flashlight brand you think is the best for your needs. Most of these brands offer warranty and you should check out reviews of previous buyers before deciding to buy a flashlight from one of the brands.