Car Transmission Problems Symptoms


New drivers may find it difficult to know what certain sounds or car behaviors might imply. But slowly by slowly, they get used to driving a car and in the process learn several diagnoses. Similar to a human body, a car can depict particular signs that may suggest it having a particular issue. For instance, when the check engine light comes on, it can be due to a number of things which can only be guessed with experienced drivers.

With the latest advancement, you don’t need to be experienced as you can learn everything online. All you need to do is to click on the right site with helpful information such as this one. Many times, people confuse car transmission problems with other signs. So, we decided to outline and elaborate on the common signs of car transmission issues.

  1. Check engine light illuminates – this is one of the first signs that your transmission is experiencing issues. The check engine light is based on the dashboard of your car and if it comes on, you should take the car to the nearest mechanic to check what the issue is. One of such issues is car transmission problems.
  2. Fluid leakage – leaking transmission fluid is one of the usual signs of a car transmission with problems. So, if you spot a little transmission fluid in your garage or car park, then you should take it for inspection.
  3. Shaking or grinding of the car – the car is created to function smoothly without grinding or shaking. If it does, then the gears may have a problem. Manual transmissions usually show issues by making a grinding noise.
  4. Clunking, whining and humming sounds – if you’re experiencing transmission problems, it is normal for your car to produce various sounds like clunking, whining and humming. Also, these sounds vary between cars of different models. Manual transmissions will produce sounds that can be described as being slightly mechanical, abrupt and louder.
  5. Strange/burning smells – every time you hear a burning smell coming from your car, then you should know that you’ve vehicle transmission issues. Burning smell is usually caused by overheating of the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid assists to keep the parts lubricated and cooled so that they don’t become worn out or damaged. So, when the fluid beaks down, the system becomes extremely hot which leads to heightened friction and corrosive activity that leads to a burning smell.
  6. Dragging clutch – this describes the sign underwent by manual transmissions that involves the clutch disk failing to free the flywheel the moment the clutch pedal is entered. The clutch remain spinning with the engine which makes it anywhere from hard to almost impossible to change the gears.
  7. Dipstick checking – this is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to verify if your transmission has issues or if it is working just fine. Place the dipstick in the transmission fluid and see if it is cloudy, foul smelling or thick. That way, you will detect and make the necessary changes needed.
  8. Lack of response – if you notice while driving that the car isn’t responding or hesitates to go into gear, then this is a clear indication that your transmission has an issue. When you shift from park to drive, the car should respond instantly. Take your car to a mechanic to rectify the issue.
  9. Slipping gears – another simple way to know if you’ve car transmission problems is when the transmission slips into another gear without while you’re driving without your command. This is very risky and it should be rectified quickly. A transmission remains in a designated gear until a shift is conducted by the driver. You also need a good transmission jack for this kind work.

Bottom line

You don’t need to be an expert to know that your car transmission has a problem. With the above signs that we have set out, you can now easily detect if your car transmission is not functioning well or not. Simply check for fluid leaks, strange noises, burnt smell, gears that are slipping and check engine light, to know if you have a bad transmission.


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