The Best Hamster Cage 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best hamster cage for your newly acquired Syrian or Dwarf hamster? We have researched for you all the useful data that you require to discover the best small animal cage on the market. With different types and brand of cages to select from, we truly understand that this isn’t a simple thing to do thus we went out and carried out the research on your behalf. Not all hamster heavens are the same. They vary in quality, size and material used to construct them. In addition, some are great for Dwarf hamsters while others are ideal for Syrian hamsters. So, what is the best hamster cage at 2018?

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Comprehending some basics before buying a cage that you feel will suit your hamster is of great importance. Different people have different requirements for their small hamster cages. A person can decide to include a bowl, wheel or even drinking bottle inside the animal cage. This depends entirely on your preference. Also, there are different designs with some being colorful while others just keeping it simple. Furthermore, if you want a spacious cage that is well designed, you will have to spend a little bit more. Plastic hamster heavens are as well cheaper than metal hamster enclosures.

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As you read further, you will be more informed on small animal cages and you will end up making a great choice of picking a cage that meets the needs of your hamster.

Types of hamster cages

As you go by the business of choosing the best animal cage for your hamster, it is vital to know that there are different types of hamster heavens to pick from. Here are the 3 main types:

  • Wire

Many people consider hamster wire cages as the best. This is because they provide excellent security, functionality and versatility. The wire allows many accessories to be attached to them. In addition, they provide the best ventilation and the hamster can be accessed very easily. One of the shortcomings of the animal cage is that it can be chewed by the hamsters which might cause them to break their teeth and potential lead to other harms from falling. But generally, the wire cage is excellent and great for playful hamsters.

  • Plastic

Plastic cage is very famous among children. This is because of their appealing colors and large playing ground for their pets. These cages are featured with tubes and places for climbing and traveling for hamster’s fun. Most of them are brightly colored and have appealing designs which children love most. The few issues with this type of hamster cage are that it has less ventilation and they are also very tricky to clean. In addition, they are hard to assemble compared to wire cages and sometimes, hamsters can chew through the cages affecting the cage security. These plastic cages are mainly ideal for Dwarf hamsters as Syrian hamsters are a bit larger and won’t be comfortable in them.

  • Aquarium

These hamster animal cages are the least popular among the three types. They are usually created from glass or plastic. Glass can be very dangerous when used. Also, it is heavy and when it crashes it can be life-threatening to the hamster in the cage. When you acquire this kind of animal cage, you will be needed to clean it regularly. Aquarium cages tend to have bad ventilation and normally leave hamsters feeling left out, which can negatively affect their morale and mood. One of the advantages of this cage is that it doesn’t allow the hamster to escape as they can’t chew the glass.

Factors to consider when choosing a hamster cage

Before you acquire a hamster, ensure you get an appropriate cage for it. A hamster can escape easily if they are placed in the wrong cage. Since they are rodents, this may lead to your furniture being destroyed and you wouldn’t want this to happen. Here are some factors to look at before buying a cage.

  • Size

This is the most important factor to look at when searching for the best hamster cage. Hamsters are used to a lot of open space when they are in the wild. Thus, acquiring a cage that is spacious enough to allow them roam and play freely is very crucial. In most cases, the minimum cage size recommended for Syrian hamsters is 360 sq inches while that of a Dwarf hamster is 288 sq inches. These sizes vary from one part of the world to another with an area like Germany having some of the widely spaced cages.

  • Bar space

The bar space is the space between the wires of a cage. Ensure that the animal cage you are acquiring is well spaced depending on whether you are keeping a Syrian hamster (1/2 inch) or a Dwarf hamster (5/16 inch) with these maximum sizes. When the bar space is very large, the hamsters may have their limb trapped in or they may as well escape from the cage. Buy a cage that has small space bars for safety of the hamster. Also, it will ensure that food is not kicked out of the cage which might give you a hard time to clean.

  • Material

Another important factor to look at is the material the cage is built with. The tow common materials that can be easily found on the market are plastic and metal cages. Glass is not very common due to its many limitations. Plastic material is good for children because it colorful and well designed. Metal is the best material to choose as it cannot be chewed like plastic and it is also easy to clean. When it comes to safety, metal and glass are the best. Generally, consider picking a cage made of metal and wire as it’s the best.

  • Ventilation

Have in mind where you want to place your hamster before buying an animal cage. First of all, the animal cage should be well ventilated so that the hamster can live happily and breathe freely. Some types of hamster heavens are poorly ventilated such as glass hamster cages. Moreover, place the cage in a location that isn’t interfered with either very low or cold temperatures. Avoid placing the hamster near a window, fan, air conditioner or near a source of heat. This might suffocate the hamster

  • Style

There are different styles of hamster cages available. Different people and age groups may prefer a hamster heaven of a different nature. For instance, kids love the colorful plastic hamster enclosures while adults prefer the metal or wire cages. Before you select a small animal cage, ensure you have compared the different types and selected one that meets most of your desires. Go through reviews to help you know what to expect when you acquire a particular small animal heaven.

  • Cleaning

This is a vital aspect to look at when searching for the best hamster heaven. It is good to get a hamster cage that can be cleaned with much ease. The easiest cages to clean are the wire cages and the most difficult cages to clean are the plastic cages. Plastic cages are hard to clean because they contain tunnels and tubes that need to be removed while cleaning. This forces the owner to dissemble the whole cage during cleaning and the tunnels may not be cleaned well.

  • Safety

Regardless of the type of hamster heaven you select, it should be very safe with proper locking mechanisms that cannot allow the hamster to escape from the cage. Most of the cages are created with top access doors with a clip system that can’t be easily opened by a hamster. Imagine if they manage to escape the cage, your furniture will be in big trouble and you won’t like it. So, it’s important to choose a quality cage that will ensure the hamster is safe in it and it cannot escape. Another thing to note is that plastic is not chew proof, therefore, it’s not 100% safe when compared to wire.

  • Accessories

Acquire a cage that you can easily add accessories that will make the life of your hamster pet to be more interesting. Some hamster heavens come with accessories like food bowl, exercise wheel and drinking bottle. If the cage you are purchasing doesn’t have any of these, you can buy them separately and add them inside the cage. Not to forget the bedding, get suitable bedding for your hamster in the cage. A deep tray cage will allow you to create deep bedding for your hamster.

In addition, this will reduce the amount of bedding your hamster will kick out of the animal cage.

Top 5 best hamster cage reviews

With so many brands on the market, identifying the best cages is very important. Not all the animal cages that are being sold on the market are quality. It’s important to identify the best from the rest by picking a quality cage that will make your hamster to be happy and your kids too. After going through various hamster heavens and reviews online, we managed to come up with the following best five hamster animal cages.

Lixit Animal Care Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage(Our Top Pick)

The Lixit animla care savic hamster metro cage is durably made with quality plastic. It is appealing to the eye with its beautiful colors and a favorite among kids. This hamster heaven is very easy to assemble and doesn’t need any special training. It has a number of accessories such as tunnels, food bowl, drinking bottle, platforms, and exercise wheel, among others to keep the hamster busy. Also, it provides huge space that hamsters love and the ventilation is excellent. Lixit Animal Care is one of the best hamster cage ever because of it quality.

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Main features:

  • Quality plastic construction
  • Tunnels
  • Food bowls
  • Exercise wheel
  • Drinking bottle
  • Platforms
  • Houses
  • slides


  • It is beautifully made with quality plastic
  • Lixit animla care is very large and offers great space to hamsters for playing around
  • It is very easy to assemble.

Ferplast Cage Favola Hamster

Ferplast hamster heaven is a wonderful cage that is sturdily built to serve the hamster better. It is made up of two floors with the lower one being transparent for excellent view of the hamster. Also, the cage has a number of accessories such as sleeping nest, feeding bowl, wheel for exercise and drinking bottle. It is large enough to provide the hamster with a great living space.

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Main features:

  • Built with strong plastic
  • Transparent base
  • Wire net on the upper part
  • Has two floors
  • Fully accessorized with sleeping nest, wheel for exercise, feeding bowl, and drinking bottle


  • It is a double floor structure for huge living and playing space
  • Ferplast is very easy to clean by removing the top
  • It is safe as the hamster cannot escape
  • Provides an easy view of the hamster with its transparent base

Savic Mickey 2XL Hamster Cage

The Savic Mickey hamster cage is one of the excellent models on the market. As simple as it looks, this hamster enclosure comes with amazing accessories that the hamster will love. The cage is solidly built for longevity and it has a metal wire platform on the top side. The tray is large and spacious enough to provide the hamster with ample living and playing ground.

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Main features:

  • It is made of quality plastic material
  • It is extra large
  • Metal wire platform
  • Solid metal cage
  • Drinking bottle
  • Feeding bowl
  • Exercise wheel
  • house


  • It has a number of accessories that makes the life of the hamster to be interesting
  • Savic Mickey is well ventilated for free circulation of air
  • It is easy to clean
  • Assembling the small animal cage is easy and fast
  • Suitable for dwarf hamster

Prevue Pet Products SP2005BL Hamster Heaven

Prevue Pet Products SP2005BL is a quality hamster heaven with quality features. The cage is well built with two entry points. One is one the top while the other is on the front. It also has several accessories such as feeding bowl, drinking bottle, exercise wheel and a hideaway dome that makes the life of the hamster in it to be more interesting. On purchase, the manufacturer offers a 90 day limited manufacturer warranty.

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Main features:

  • Bi-level cage
  • Colorful heaven
  • Slide ramp
  • Exercise wheel
  • Platform
  • Hideaway dome
  • Two doors
  • 90 day limited manufacturer warranty


  • It is spacious enough for a hamster to roam around
  • This is easy to clean
  • It can be assembled with much ease
  • Manufacturer offers 90 day limited warranty

Easy Cleaning Ferplast Hamster Cage Reviews

Ferplast is a nice brand that many people have come to love. This Ferplast model is well built and can be linked to another cage. It is colorful and children love it. in addition, it makes the life of the hamster to be comfortable as it has several accessories such as feeding bowl, exercise wheel, drinking bottle, tubes and nest for relaxation of the hamster. The large area means that the pet has a spacious place to play and live. The ventilation of the cage is excellent and it can as well be cleaned easily and quickly.

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Main features:

  • Plastic base
  • Large playing area
  • Upper wire net structure
  • Colorful design
  • Fully accessorized with tubes and nest for relaxation


  • Has two access points
  • It is easy to clean
  • Provides your hamster with great comfort as it has several accessories
  • Assembling the cage is very simple
  • Colorful design that can be attached to another hamster small animal heaven


Hamsters are beautiful pets to keep in the house. But it’s also important to keep them happy and in good condition. One of the ways of doing so is by getting them an animal cage that is well made and spacious enough to keep them active. When choosing a cage for hamsters, you need to consider which type of hamster you’ve. Is it Syrian or Dwarf? In addition, you need to consider the type of material that the hamster enclosure is made of. Metal is the best as plastic can be chewed by mischievous hamsters leading to some problems. Also, choose a small animal cage that is easy to clean and is safe, after all you don’t want to endanger your pet.


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