Best Fuel Injector Cleaner 2019 Review & Latest recommend list

The fuel injector system is one of the most vital parts of your car. As their name suggests, the fuel injection system is one that injects fuel inside the motor of your car. The system makes sure that the gas reaches the motor in the precise level that you want it to. In return, this will ensure that your motor gets optimum amount of fuel and this will directly influence the energy efficiency of your car. So, as you drive and change speeds, it is the fuel injector which actually delivers the right amount of gas to your motor, as a result improving its efficiency. So, what is the best fuel injector cleaner on the market of 2019?

Most of the time, drivers and car owners don’t check the automotive injector and it can have a great impact on the vehicle’s performance. It should be cleaned regularly as with today’s world where almost all gas is unleaded and is supplemented with ethanol, which can make the fuel injectors to be clogged and cruddy in just a small spun of time.

The good news is that there are various brands of fuel injectors to pick from. There are those that are high performing and others are cost-effective. It is crucial to identify a injector cleaner that has the best features to effectively clean fuel injector. Failing to clean fuel injectors will lead to blocked / unclean fuel injectors, leaks in the nozzle of the fuel injector and fuel injectors declining to open or close. In this review and guide, we’ve compiled all the useful information that you need to make the best decision in acquiring a high quality and effective automotive injector cleaner.

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How a fuel injector functions

A fuel injector is a valve that passes on the required levels of gasoline into your car’s motor, based on the signals it gets from your vehicle. Inside the injector, there is a small nozzle into which your gas pump will deliver gasoline. This is then converted to a mist format when it finally reaches the motor’s manifold. From here, gasoline is then supplied in the mist format itself to the engine, where it will build a combusting reaction as it combines with external oxygen. When there is no fuel injector, gasoline will be absorbed directly by the motor as drops. In return, this makes you consume more and the motor wears out quickly also. But with the assistance of the fuel injector system, your motor absorbs fuel in the form of mist. This raises the fuel efficiency capacity of your car and offer durability to your motor too.

Benefits of fuel injector cleaners

Using a fuel injector cleaner offers a number of benefits to the motor. That’s why it is recommended to clean your car fuel injectors after say 3, 000 miles or so. Some go for 8, 000 miles before needing to clean their fuel injectors. Other people clean the injectors whenever they change their oil. Below are some of the benefits a person gets when they use a fuel system cleaner.

  • Extremely limited toxic emissions – fuel injectors ascertain exact delivery of gasoline to engines. The moment gasoline mist mixes with oxygen of the engine, it creates greater combustion and hence makes sure lesser toxins are emitted during this process. This is safe for your car and at the same time safe for the environment.
  • Perfect control over fuel use – since the mist format of gasoline created in the nozzles of these fuel injectors, you can be guaranteed that gasoline will be utilized effectively by your engines. One of the main reasons as to why a good number of them prefer fuel injectors at the moment is because the injectors don’t waste gasoline at all. After some time, this gasoline consumption enables one to save as less fuel is utilized over time.
  • Increased efficiency of motors – in the situation where your motors attempt to absorb gasoline in the form of drops, it creates lots of friction on your motors and makes them more prone to wear and tear. Alternatively, when your motors absorb gasoline in the mist format, they don’t feel any stress at all and are in a position to effectively utilize the gas that is delivered to them via the nozzles.
  • Cleans and lubricates fuel system – when the automotive system is very dirty, it can be clogged and won’t offer optimum performance as needed. An automotive injector cleaner cleans and lubricates the injector allowing it to function smoothly and well.

Advantages of fuel injectors

  • Optimum performance

If you keep the automotive injector in good condition, it will deliver fuel in an efficient and effective way.

  • Reduced maintenance cost and needs

When you utilize a quality fuel system cleaner, you can as well limit the times you maintain your car by ensuring that it is kept clean.

  • Increased lifespan of the fuel injector

When you develop a habit of cleaning your automotive system, you can prolong the lifespan of your diesel system and at the same time lower overall maintenance cost.

Factors to consider when choosing a fuel injector cleaner

Before you rush into purchasing a fuel injector cleaner of your choice, it is crucial to know which one is suitable for your car and offers the best performance. This can be identified through a number of factors as we shall discuss them below.

  • Compatibility

If you are searching for the best automotive system cleaner for your vehicle, you should start by ensuring that it is compatible with your vehicle. Not every fuel system cleaner that you see on the market is compatible with your car. So, when choosing, it’s important to check for compatibility with your car and model.

  • Type of fuel injector

There are two types of fuel injector cleaners on the market. The first one is the one that you pour in once every so often for a major clean. The second type is that which you add with every tank as a more preventive, gradual cleaning measure.

  • Type of gas

The type of gas you run into your car is also really vital. This is because it’s the one that leaves deposits in your engine and fuel line. Thus, identify which detergents are in the gas you utilize and also any additional lubricating compound. This will assist you know whether you require to use an injector cleaner with every tank or just after some few miles.

  • Cleaning potency

The automotive system that you use should be very effective so that it can clear all the dirt away inside the injector. If the diesel system cleaner has a high cleaning potency, then go for it.

  • Brand

The brand is of great importance as not all car injector cleaners offer the same performance. Ensure that you choose a brand that is highly recommended and does a great job of getting rid of clogged substances. Some of the notable brands worth buying from include: Lucas, Chevron, Red line, Royal purple, STP, Techron, Gumout and BG 44K.

  • Price

There are various qualities of fuel system cleaners to choose from. Some are highly priced with excellent features, while others are cost-effective and still perform well.

Go for an automotive system cleaner that is compatible with your car and one that you can afford.

5 best fuel injector cleaner reviews 2019

We understand that choosing the best fuel injector cleaner is not an easy thing if you aren’t a mechanic or an expert in this area. So, we managed to create a list of the best fuel system cleaners on the market. I myself have used some of these fuel injector cleaners on this list and they perform very well. They have exceptional features and will leave your fuel injectors in very good shape. After thorough research on this topic, here are the best automotive system cleaners that we came up with:

Lucas 10013 Fuel treatment (Our Top Pick)

This is among the best automotive system cleaners on the market. It has great properties that will leave your injector clean and running effectively. This fuel treatment is suitable for use by both gasoline and diesel engine cars. It is made up of blends of oils and additives that have no solvents. Made in the USA, this high quality automotive cleaner increases the life of pumps and injectors. Lucas 10013 one of the best rated fuel injector cleaner.
Lucas 10013 Fuel treatmentCheck Price

Main features:

  • Blends of oils and additives with no solvents
  • Created for both gasoline and diesel engine
  • High detergent action
  • 1 gallon


  • It complies with the federal low sulfur content needs for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road, locomotive and marine diesel equipment engines.
  •  Lucas 10013 makes the fuel to burn more vigorously for increased power and lesser fuel consumption.
  • It replaces the benefits of lead in gasoline without bringing about dangerous emissions.
  • It is made up of a blend of slick oils and additives with a high detergent action that allows the engine to function at full efficiency.
  • Lucas 10013 increases power and fuel mileage
  • It excellently lowers exhaust emissions via a complete combustion
  • It excellently cleans and lubricates the carburetor and fuel injector

Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System cleaner

Another quality automotive system cleaner is the Chevron 65740 Techron concentrate fuel system cleaner. Automobiles and trucks can utilize this complete fuel system after every 3, 000 miles or at the next oil change. Also, all the other gasoline engines can use it as needed. These include: boats, motorcycles, RVs, dirt bikes, Water craft, ATVs, and many more.

This is why Chevron one of the best fuel injector cleaner for bmw. It has the power to restore lost power, acceleration and lost fuel economy. In addition, it improves cold start performance and fuel stability for up to one year. Also, it reduces hesitation, rough idle, spark plus fouling and engine surge. It is highly considered by many motorists as a result of its capability to clean, restore and protect the whole fuel system.
Check Price

Main features:

  • It has patented polyether amine technology
  • Applicable in all ethanol fuels
  • Can be used on modern and older engines
  • Used every 3, 000 miles


  • It does a great job in lowering engine surge, rough idle and hesitation
  • Chevron 65740 has the ability to clean, restore and protect the whole fuel system
  • It has the capability to restore lost power, lost fuel economy, and acceleration
  • It enhances cold start performance and fuel stability for up to one year

Red Line Complete SI – 1 fuel system cleaner

The Red Line complete SI 1 fuel system cleaner is a 15 ounce bottle made of a blend of the most powerful high-temp and low-temp detergents. These help in cleaning of the deposits in the injector, combustion chamber and carburetors. It is really effective in use as just one bottle is enough to clean an old or neglected engine. It cleans well with 100% efficiency in just one simple treatment. Also, it has the capability to reduce the need for octane by up to two points. Use it repeatedly as it is safe very safe so that you can keep your injector well maintained.
Check Price

Main features:

  • Comprises of synthetic upper cylinder lubricant
  • 15 ounce bottle
  • Concentrated, detergent based fuel additives
  • A blend of the most powerful high-temp and low-temp detergents


  • Has the ability to reduce the need for octane by up to two points
  • It is very effective in use as one bottle can be used to clean a neglected car
  • It is as well safe for continual application
  • Red Line complete SI 1 cleans almost 100 percent efficiently in one treatment
  • It is able to clean injectors, valves, carburetors and combustion chamber deposists

Royal Purple 11722 Max-clean fuel system cleaner and stabilizer

Royal purple is a high performing brand and is known for its quality by many mechanics and motorists as well. It comes with an excellent technology that gets rid of deposits that form in the injector. It can be applied on several vehicles and just one single application is enough to clear the car injector. If you are looking for cheap but best fuel injector cleaner then royal purple one of them. Some of its roles includes: lowering harmful emissions, preventing premature spark plug fouling, improving fuel economy, preventing rough idle, restoring horsepower and several other functions.
Check Price

Main features:

  • Max’s clean proprietary technology
  • 20 oz bottle
  • Used on several cars


  • It prevents hesitation, stalling and rough idle
  • It betters fuel economy and restore horsepower
  • Royal purple 11722 lowers deposit related engine knocking and pinging
  • Lowers hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Greater corrosion and oxidation inhibitor
  • Prevents premature spark plug fouling
  • It is able to stabilize fuel during off-season and storage

STP 78577 – 6PK super concentrated fuel injector cleaner

The STP 78577 6PK super concentrated fuel injector cleaner is very easy to use and offers one of the best performances in cleaning the injector. It is compatible with cap-less gas systems. In addition, it has concentrated detergents that assist dissolve and get rid of dangerous gum, carbon and varnish deposits on vehicle injectors. It prevents rough idling and improves acceleration. Furthermore, it is made with jet fuel which is a high quality carrier of active ingredients. Also, it helps to restore lost power and saves gas. For an effective cleaning of your car fuel injector, use this automotive system cleaner for perfect outcome.
Check Price

Main features:

  • Compatible with cap-less gas systems
  • 25 fluid ounce
  • Concentrated detergents


  • Has the capability to remove dangerous deposits
  • It is simple to use as it is compatible with cap less gas systems
  • It assists restore lost power and acceleration
  • STP 78577 6PK improves performance of fuel injectors by unclogging dirt
  • It enables one to save gas

Whether you are a newbie or an expert with automotive, choosing the best fuel injector cleaner shouldn’t be a problem after reading our detailed review. It has all the data that you need so that you can make the right choice. When selecting a quality automotive injector cleaner, you should pick one that is compatible with your car. In addition, it should perform excellently in getting rid of the substances inside the injector. Pick the ones within your budget but if you want a high performing one, be ready to spend.

A great example of high performing fuel injector cleaners on the market have been discussed above. Choose from our Best Fuel Injector Cleaner list or use this information to select an automotive cleaner that you think meets your needs.


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