What are the Benefits of Synthetic Oil? Why not use Conventional oil?

Before we discuss the benefits of synthetic oil, its better if we understand how the differ from conventional oils. Conventional oils are created from crude oil. It is drawn out from the ground and extensively refined to get rid of impurities. After this process, it is mixed with other chemicals before being sold on shelves of various auto-parts store. Although, conventional oils have a certain level of insolubles such as waxes, paraffin, dirt and silicon. At certain conditions, these substances can create deposits inside the engine. On the contrary, quality synthetic oils are usually manmade. This means that they are pure and have no contaminants in them. In addition, they are stable at different temperature which isn’t usually the case with conventional oils. Read further to know the benefits of using synthetic oil.

4 Main Benefits of Synthetic Oil

  • Energy savings

Mineral oils have molecules that come in assorted shapes and sizes, which is totally different from synthetic oil molecules that are relatively uniform. When synthetic oil molecules move against each other, it forms less heat and friction. The cooler operating temperature is easier on oil and equipment. The reduction of friction can greatly save energy and as a result reducing the cost of operation.

  • Longer oil drains

Synthetic oils usually last longer than mineral oils. This is because of their superior oxidation stability. This oil will help you take little time changing lubricants and cash spent on used oil disposal. Furthermore, oxidation stability also lowers the danger of dangerous deposits on parts. This will in the long run lower maintenance costs.

  • Severe service protection

Synthetic oils are suitable for applications involving shock loads or other rigorous conditions. Synthetic oils are different from mineral oils in that they don’t fail to stand up against great pressure. They maintain their structure together with their power lubricate and guard against wear. This can save labor, lubricant and equipment and at the same time reduce danger of lost protection as a result of breakdown.

Synthetic oils leads to increased horsepower and torque as there is less initial dragging on the engine.

  • Safe operation in extreme temperatures

Since synthetic oil are free of wax which can solidify at low temperatures and normally makes mineral oils to be resistant to flow. Also, in extreme heat, synthetics are able to resist he oxidation that makes some oils to leave deposits. This enables the user save cash and makes production to run without interference.

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From the above benefits, it is very clear that synthetic oil is more effective and stable than conventional oil. Using synthetic oil will make your engine last longer and function better than conventional oil as its pure with no contaminants to stale the engine.


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