Bad Motor Mount Symptoms


The engine has various parts linked to it that allow it to function perfectly well. One of those parts is the motor mount, which is small in size and cheaper than most of the engine parts. The motor mount plays a big role in safe and comfortable driving. Typically, the motor mount has two roles which are isolating the vibrations that come from the engine from the entire car and also, holding the vehicle’s engine in place. If the motor mounts didn’t exist, the river of the car would experience the strong vibrations that emanate from the engine every time you drive. Check here engine common problems list.

The motor mount links several sections of your vehicle’s engine and transmission to the chassis. The mounts are mainly made of steel parts with rubber insulator joints. The insulator joints assist to break up and absorb vibrations and noise that come from the transmission and the engine. When used for over a long period of time, the rubber on the motor mount comes in contact with things such as heat, vapors and chemicals that can make it to deteriorate. When it does, a replacement is required. Here are various signs of a bad motor mount.

  • Unreasonable engine vibrations

In most cases, this is normally the first sign of a bad motor mount to appear. Since one of the main roles of a motor mount is to keep the engine secure, when the motor mount is bad, the engine becomes unstable and may even bounce a bit. The vibration that occurs is most felt on the passenger side of the vehicle. You can inspect this on your own by placing one of your hands on the passenger seat as you drive.

  • Unreasonable engine clanking

Also, when you hear unreasonable or extreme noise coming from the engine, just know that it is time to change the motor mounts. It can never be a good thing if you hear clanging or clanking noises coming from your engine. When you not this, take your car to a mechanic immediately to repair the mounts.

  • Engine damage

In some bad cases, you might discover that your motor mount have broken off from the engine completely. This is a very life-threatening scenario, as it might cause the engine to bounce around. Also, if you drive at a high speed when the engine is bouncing, it might shift badly and make parts to fly off. Ensure that the mounts are replaced by the mechanic in such a situation before returning to drive the car.

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  • Misalignment of the engine

Another important sign to look out for a bad motor mount is engine alignment. Motor mounts ensure that the engine is aligned and in place. So, in case the engine has sagged or it is bent in one direction, then this is a sign of a bad mount. In addition, it may lead to some noises and when you open the hood, you will notice that the engine has slanted in one direction. If you open the hood and see that the engine appears as if it is extremely slanted, this is dangerous as it can make the engine to block. A block engine can halt your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to fix such an issue if you see the engine slanted to one direction.

  • Broken engine belts or hoses

Belt and hose damage is greatly increased if you have a broken or damaged motor mount. This state normally takes place when driving at high speed.


If you detect one of the signs that we have discussed above, you should immediately take your car for checkup and repair so that you can drive comfortably.


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