Anti-Theft Devices for Cars: Preventing Theft to Lower Auto Insurance Rates and Protect Cars

Comprehensive auto insurance is a type of coverage that protects cars from damage sustained by unexpected events, such as weather, theft, and vandalism. The risk of a vehicle’s being stolen is one of the main factors that car insurance providers consider when calculating the cost of this coverage. Anti-theft devices for cars not only make a vehicle less prone to theft and vandalism, but they can also decrease the monthly premium rates for car insurance coverage. Following are some items to consider that can prevent auto theft.

Top Anti-Theft Device: Car Alarm

Many newer models of cars come with alarms that sound when pressure is applied to the body of a vehicle, or when someone attempts to enter a locked car without the key. These alarms may also be purchased and installed, though the cost is usually at least a few hundred dollars.

In some areas, purchasing an alarm can cause car insurance rates to drop enough to cover the cost over time (in areas with significant rates of auto theft), and as an added bonus, the contents of any car and vehicles themselves are far less less likely to be stolen or vandalized when alarms are sounding.

Tracking System for a Vehicle: a Top Anti-Theft Device for a Car

Vehicle tracking systems allow stolen cars to be located. OnStar, one type of tracking system comes on many newer models of cars, though LoJack, and other GPS type devices can be installed, usually costing the better part of one thousand dollars.

These devices reveal the position of a vehicle to law enforcement or the company that supplied the tracker. For those with high valued or highly cherished vehicles, it may be a good idea to get some type of tracking system, even if doing so costs more than it saves on comprehensive auto insurance.

Steering Wheel Locks and Tire Locks, Easy Vehicle Anti-Theft Devices

These items prevent someone from operating a vehicle (driving it off) even if he or she manages to gain entry to the inside of the car. Tire locks can be burdensome, and are not great for anyone who drives his or her car on a regular basis; cars left in the same place for extended periods of time, however, are better suited to be equipped with tire locks. Steering wheel locks are easy to remove by a car’s owner who has the key, but for anyone attempting to steal a car, these locks can prove to be major hindrances. A car equipped with either of these devices is seen by auto insurance providers as one that is unlikely to be stolen, and rates for comprehensive coverage will thus be lower.

There are other considerations and anti-theft devices for cars that can help reduce the risk of theft or vandalism, but the above items are built for the purpose, and can lower car insurance rates for those that have them. Additionally, a hood lock prevents anyone from ransacking a vehicle for parts to sell, and owners should be smart enough to lock up and leave valuable objects out of plain sight in their parked cars. A decal that says a car has a tracking system or an alarm can also deter theft.


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